Happy Camper Book Fair: S'more Fun with Books!

Have s'more fun with books with the Spring 2017 featured theme!

This spring, it’s time to head to the great outdoors with the Happy Camper Book Fair: S’more Fun With Books! Pack up your gear and prepare your staff, students, and their parents for a wilderness adventure filled with exciting new books from Scholastic and other popular publishers.
Invite students to take a hike deep into the Book Fair forest by transforming your Fair entrance into a picturesque outdoor scene, complete with trees, mountains, and a night sky filled with stars. Decorate with camping signs, friendly woodland creatures, and even a faux campfire.
Then, bring the fun of the outdoors inside your Fair with exciting activities and adventures! Turn your students into Reading Rangers by making wearable ranger vests out of paper bags and binoculars out of paper tubes. Award badges or stickers to students who complete a student wish list, buy a book, or bring a loved one to a Book Fair event. 
For the What Would You Do for Reading?® challenge, ask your principal to camp out overnight at school or become a human s’more!  Ask students to vote for their favorite way to camp in an All for Books™ this-versus-that change war. Do they prefer to camp in tents, an RV, or hotel room?

Encourage your school to give a hoot about books! Anyone making a donation to the All for Books program can pull a lollipop or pencil from the All for Books Owl. Although we caution you about feeding the bears, we strongly recommend you feed your teachers. Set up a trail mix bar, bug juice, and everyone’s campfire favorite, s’mores and invite them to a Book Fair preview!

And check out our theme for middle schools!

This spring, head deep into the outdoors where hundreds of exciting new books await at the new middle-school-themed Book Fair Wilderness: Get lost in a book! Invite students to leave their world behind and explore the wild unknown.

Transform your Book Fair entrance into an explorer’s haven and get lost in an adventure—and a book! Surround the entrance with towering trees, treacherous-looking mountains, dark waters, and plenty of spaces for wild animals to appear, and maybe even the infamous Big Foot! Include trail signs, a Big Foot cut-out photo op, and oversized raccoon, fox, or bear tracks that disappear beyond the doors of your Fair.

When packing for this kind of adventure, it’s important to include all the essential Book Fair survival needs, and setting goals is essential for success. Plan a reward your students will love! What student wouldn’t want to see their principal eat bugs for a What Would You Do for Reading?® challenge? Have students vote for the faculty member they want to see chow down on real insects by making a donation to the All for Books™ campaign.
Then, advertise the Fair and its latest titles with booktalks by flashlight and host a Reading Gone Wild Grand Event where students and their Grands commemorate the 100th anniversary of the national parks by tagging places they’ve been, as well as places they want to go.
Come prepared to explore and survive this spring’s Book Fair Wilderness. Stay alert and keep your eyes focused, and you’ll be sure to catch a thrill—and maybe even a glimpse of Big Foot!