Announcing the Spring 2019 Theme!

Elementary School Theme

Next spring, get ready to hold the biggest, loudest Book Fair ever! It’s the Scholastic DINO-MITE Book Fair: Stomp, Chomp, and Read! Super-sized fun awaits when the school community is turned into reading raptors, bookceratops, and readasaurus rex bookivores ready to unleash their inner dino and enjoy a stomping, chomping, reading good time!
Lead your school community to the Fair with dinosaur tracks leading them through the school to a giant, gaping dinosaur at the Book Fair entrance. Once inside the Fair, wow them with a floor-to-ceiling world of hanging vines, boulders, dinosaur eggs, and dinosaur tails sticking out from under tables and behind cases.
Invite teachers, faculty, and volunteers to stomp on in to a Book Fair Preview for a sneak peek of books from Scholastic and other respected publishers. Let them chomp on carnivore or herbivore pizzas, Cretaceous cookies, and prehistoric punch while your foraging faculty snackivores complete their Classroom Wish Lists.
Go big with an All for Books™ campaign! Enlist teachers to challenge each other in a Battle of the Dinosaurs coin challenge. Hold a triceratops versus velociraptor battle! Students vote for their favorite reptile with spare change.
Get your families involved with events specifically for them. Hold an early morning Dino-Mite Donuts for Dads or Muffins for Mommasauruses, then get everyone on board with a Reads, Roars, and S’mores Family Event. And make sure to set up a photo op with a prehistoric backdrop for memorable family photos. Reach out to grandparents with a Tea Rex Grand Event, featuring Fair shopping, dino-bite snacks, and beverages.
Keep students engaged with the Fair by offering plenty of games and contests. Fill a jar with dinosaur-shaped candies for an estimation game with prizes.
There are countless possibilities with a prehistoric Book Fair theme – a place where reading rules the Earth and dinosaur adventure lives on! Students can strengthen their reading skills as they track down new books perfect for them. It’s big. It’s fun. It’s powerful. So set a mega goal for reading in spring 2019 and have a great time!