Bookaneer Book Fair: Where Books are the Treasure!

Get hooked on a book with our Fall 2016 theme!

Arrgh you ready for the Fall 2016 Book Fair? Take the leap this fall with our featured theme for elementary schools: Bookaneer Book Fair: Where books are the treasure! Get your staff, students, and their parents excited about reading with swashbuckling new titles from Scholastic and other popular publishers.
Take off on a daring journey into open books! Build a pirate ship as part of your Book Fair décor and adorn your entrance with treasure map markings, including a large “X” marks the spot.
To get more kids on board and into the Fair, plan adventurous activities like an in-school treasure hunt or a gold coin guessing game. Be sure to celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day as a school and study the life of pirates as part of your class curriculum. Then, invite faculty and students to dress like a pirate for a day, and encourage everyone to donate loose change to an All for Books™ treasure chest.
Since Book Fairs are about bringing together families and the community, make sure to map out several fun events that parents wouldn’t dare miss! Enlist student book lubbers as part of your Junior Crew to help raise Book Fair excitement—they make first-rate first mates. And don’t forget the Grands! Host a special event just for the extended family members of students, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and devoted caregivers.
No matter the age, come seeking adventure at the Bookaneer Book Fair. Ye will surely find it here!

And check out our theme for middle schools!

Set sail with our fall 2016 middle school Book Fair, Pirate Island: Get Hooked on a Book! Seek and ye shall find adventure in a book with swashbuckling new titles from Scholastic and other popular publishers. 

Drop anchor just outside the Book Fair where a tropical oasis and pirate ship décor hide buried treasures in the form of books, contests, and fun. Build a plank-like entrance complete with portholes and seaweed, then set up shop on the ship in the form of a Pirate Selfie Station and cool photo props. 
Your Student Crew members are sure to be first-rate first mates! Bring out their inner pirate by having them create their own pirate names and they’ll be ready to take the wheel. Together, they’ll plan adventurous activities that get your whole school excited about the Fair, such as an in-school treasure hunt and a Book Fair Preview complete with message-in-a-bottle invitations. Plan pirate spirit days where students and faculty dress up like sea-faring bandits, dignified royalty, and landlubbers, all while celebrating National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Then, encourage everyone to donate loot, or loose change, to an All for Books™ treasure chest.
As an extra incentive to meet your school Fair goal, plot an exciting What Would You Do for Reading?® challenge where one or more lucky administrators have to spend the day imprisoned in Davy Jones' Locker! 
So, straighten ye peg leg and come if you dare--get hooked on a book this fall at the Fair!