Announcing the Fall 2019 Theme!

Elementary School Theme

logo for the arctic adventure book fairA blizzard of books is headed your way next fall! It’s Scholastic’s Arctic Adventure Book Fair: Snow Much to Read! Send your school community on the coolest reading expedition ever and venture deep into the ice-cold, polar regions.
Wrap a giant paper iceberg around your Fair entrance. Craft polar bears out of foam board and paint a backdrop of beluga whales, narwhals, and walruses. Drape tables with cotton snow blankets and sprinkle faux snow throughout. Place supply-packed sleds, snowshoes, and shovels throughout your Fair to complete the scene. Then play Arctic animal sounds in the background, immersing shoppers in the icy experience.
Thrive and conquer is the name of the game in this untamed territory! So build a Glacier Goal Chart and display it in your school lobby. To inspire your students to read more minutes, plan a fun Frozen Food Challenge with your students and principal. Or, host a snowball fight, using soft, fabric snowballs, between select students and faculty for all to see!
To kick things off, hand out melted snow (a.k.a. bottled water) with a note to your teachers, inviting them to the Polar Bear’s Book Fair Preview. While they shop and fill out wish lists, serve them iceberg punch with a floating ice mold, and polar bear pawprint cupcakes.
Organize an Arctic Blast All for Books competition where classes compete against each other in collecting the most loose change. Award the winning class with a snow cone party! Set up a beluga whale versus narwhal coin challenge in the Fair, encouraging students to vote for their favorite Arctic creature with change.
Reach out to your entire school community with theme-inspired events. Schedule a morning Snowball Breakfast so parents can shop the Fair while enjoying powdered donut holes. Or, host a Sealed With a Kiss Grand Event featuring shopping, hot cocoa bar, and a funny walrus opportunity. For added adventure, plan an Ice Off competition where grandparents and students pair up for a cookie decorating contest. Then invite everyone to your Chili Night Family Event.
This wild, snow-covered theme is chock-full of different ideas to build a successful Fair around. Once students explore the Fair and discover great books, they’ll soon realize that your Arctic Adventure Book Fair is the coolest place to be!

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Middle School Theme

logo for the ultimate expedition book fairThis fall, turn your Book Fair into a basecamp for the reading thrill of a lifetime. It’s Scholastic Book Fairs® Ultimate Xpedition: Quest for Cool Books! Recruit students, faculty, and family to SEARCH, LOCATE, AND EXPLORE exciting new books.
Convert your school into an Arctic environment full of frozen icebergs, frigid conditions, and curious creatures of the Arctic. Set up skis, sleds, and boxes of supplies in corners to create an adventurous landscape.
Once your Arctic tundra is all in place, plan a Sub-Zero Book Fair Preview for your faculty and volunteers where they can search for new titles, complete Classroom Wish Lists, and make book recommendations. Set up a polar-inspired dessert bar of snowball cake pops, powdered sugar cookies, chocolate-covered pretzel skis, and a blue gelatin iceberg.
Create an All for Books™ campaign students can’t resist. Make collection containers that resemble cold weather sports or ferocious animals. Hold an Arctic Takedown coin challenge featuring snowboarding versus snow skiing or polar bear versus Arctic wolf. Watch donations add up as students face off and vote for their favorite with spare change!
Invite your entire school community to get out their foul-weather gear and trek to your Book Fair for an incredible reading adventure! Combine your Family Event with an Xtreme Chili Cook-off for a fun night including shopping, games, and prizes. Schedule a Glacier Grand Event for grandparents, featuring a hot chocolate bar where everyone can customize their cocoa before shopping the Fair.
May next fall’s Scholastic Book Fair be the coolest one yet as your school takes on the wild, exciting, and always unpredictable world of reading. Students will have a blast (of cold air) conducting their research in the quest for the latest, greatest books!