A Special Gift from a Special Student

Submitted by Mary Our Queen School in Omaha, NE

Laura Vrana, with Mary Our Queen School in Omaha, Nebraska, started doing an All for Books coin collection drive during her fall Book Fair three years ago.  Each classroom uses their donations to purchase books from the Fair for their classroom. For their fall 2015 Fair, her kids really blew the door off the barn raising $3,257.37, but the real story is about a young man named Matthew in Mrs. Bussom’s class.

On the last day of the coin drive, Matthew donated $100 of his own money to his class collection. When Mrs. Bussom spoke with Matthew’s parents about it, they said Matthew told them he felt that his teacher didn’t have enough books in her classroom library and he wanted to help.  After a lengthy conversation, they left the final decision up to him.   

“I thought it would be nice for our classroom because there were newer books out there that Mrs. Bussom didn’t have but some of the kids in our class wanted to have them,” he said. “Also, we needed newer books that were not all torn up.”

As a thank-you to Matthew, Mrs. Bussom let him help choose the books from the Fair that were added to her classroom library.  

Matthew’s story personifies the true essence of the All for Books program—where students learn the true value of books and giving to others, turning change into books and smiles!