Decorations Make it Even S’MORE Fun to Read!

By Adrianna Rosner, Book Fair Chairperson at Westover Elementary School in Stamford, CT
S'more Fun to ReadThe Happy Camper book fair was Westover’s second fair of the year. We held it the week of March 20th in our 500 sq. ft. library and our slogan was "It’s S'more Fun To Read.”
Both fairs this year were very successful events. It was truly a win-win for Scholastic, Westover Elementary and most of all the students. They are extremely excited and look forward to our Book Fair every year.
The students are especially inspired when they see the decorations and the environment we create to show how fun it is to read!
We set up the fair the prior Friday. We run it for four days, then take it down on Friday. The students come into the fair on Monday and Tuesday and we give them a clipboard, sheet of paper and pencil where they can prepare their "wish lists" for their parents / guardians and itemize the title, author, section of fair / designated area and price of book. We encourage them to write down both chapter books and fun books.
Then Wednesday and Thursday they come back with their money and lists and we help them find and purchase those books.
During this fair, we held a contest for each grade, kindergarten through 5th grade. For the Happy Camper theme, we put marshmallows in a large jar and had each student take a guess. Whoever nailed it or got closet in each grade won a free book. Quite a few children actually guessed the exact number. In those cases, we selected a winner from each grade by putting the names of those who guessed correctly in a hat and choosing randomly.
We also held a literacy event one night during the week and we kept the book fair open that evening as well. Almost 200 people joined us for pizza and lots of fun.
To make sure our book fair was a success, we had lots of volunteers to help guide the kids. We did marketing prior to the event, hanging flyers and posters to create buzz. The creative / art set-up on the Friday prior really gets the kids excited and sparks conversation at home. And the contest got the kids very excited!
We look forward to next year’s book fair!