Secret Theme and Family Night Help Create an Exciting Fair

By Lynn Bigbie, Library Technology Media Specialist and Book Fair Chairperson at West Chatham Elementary School in Pooler, GA
Book Fair EntranceMy students always look forward to the Scholastic Book Fair. Their first clue that it is coming is when I begin decorating the entrance to the Media Center.

When they walk by to and from lunch, or to and from specials, and you can hear them whispering, “I wonder what it is going to be?” The anticipation grows each day and with each item that is placed on the scene. They will begin guessing as it grows.
One of the activities that we always do is Family Night at the Book Fair. They can come shopping with mom, dad, grandparents, etc. It is always fun and we have a big crowd.

With our fall book fair, we added dinner – slices of pizza, drinks and cookies. This was always a big hit at my former school and it didn’t let me down then either. I think the parents like not having to worry about going home and cooking dinner.

This year we added a photo booth. Parents could come in and use our props and we took the picture with their phone. Families and our teachers really enjoyed the photo booth.

I have been asked many times who I do my book fairs with. Without hesitation I say Scholastic. I have had success with every book fair I have hosted. The Scholastic team is always very helpful with everything from planning to pick-up. We have gotten furniture, books, and technology items with our Scholastic Dollars earned. I like that I do not have to use them up all at one time... I order a little here and there.