42-Foot Long Pirate Ship Sets Sail for Success

By Laci Simmons, Book Fair Chairperson at Pete and Gracie Hosp Elementary School in Frisco, TX
Pirate FunWhen I heard the Fair was a pirate theme, I was so excited. The first thing I thought about was a huge Texas-sized boat! I called my other crazy Book Fair loving mom (Jen Archer) and we took off from there.
We created a boat the size of the entire wall – I think it ended up being 42 feet long. Our school was named after Pete and Gracie Hosp, so we named the boat "The Gracie" and we put the parrot at the top and named him Pete. We added sails and water to bring it to life!
Jen made an amazing orange octopus, another volunteer made a whale and a student's dad made a working pirate ship wheel. We had wood pillars, canons, seaweed, etc. We had so much fun seeing it all come together, but the best part is to see and hear the students get excited about the Book Fair!
My daughter and friends started holding signs in the carpool line letting everyone know about the Book Fair the week before and the week of.
We were all excited for Monday to come. I dressed up like I pirate on Monday to kick things off and Jen dressed up on Tuesday and so did her 5th grader.
Just for fun we took the teacher’s pictures with a pirate app and printed them out with the Scholastic signs "What aarrggh you reading?" and added what each teacher was reading. So funny!!!
I scheduled several 5th graders to read the lower level pirate books being sold at the book fair to the kinder classes and also 1st grade on Tuesday, and the little ones loved it!!!
On Wednesday we stayed open until 6pm so all the working families could also visit the Book Fair. I'm so glad we did because it was very busy. We had selfie props outside the Book Fair and we had lots of pictures taken, tweeted, posted, and shared.
For All for Books, we had the teachers in each grade level decorate a pumpkin and the students voted on which pumpkin was the best. We gave the teachers in the grade that won the contest $50 Scholastic Dollars.
We also did a sucker pull to raise money for All For Books and had different colors on the bottom of the suckers so some also won prizes (eye patches, book marks, and pencils).
We have several new teachers this year so we wanted to stock those classroom libraries. We asked kids to bring in used books from home (they got a sucker pull for their donation) and the teachers came and picked books for their classrooms. The books that didn't get picked up I took to Frisco Family Services. Win-win for everyone!!
I hope this gives you a little insight into the super fun week we had.