Grand Event Brings in $5,000 in Only 1.5 Hours

By Marge Lightfoot, Book Fair Chairperson at Central Lee School in Donnellson, Iowa
Grandparents as far as you could see!We started hosting a grand luncheon about ten years ago. It was held in the library and students invited a grand to eat lunch with them and then visit the book fair.
We held these grands twice a year – fall and spring. Each event brought more people, and we ended up with parents and grands sitting on the floor of the library, between aisles, and anywhere they could find. It grew and became so crowded it was an unsafe environment, so we moved to our gym.
We have four lines for checkout and a roamer with a money bag for cash sales to be entered in a register after the "rush" … and we still have lines.
Last fall we had nearly 400 of our 500 students bring guests. We take in over $5,000 of sales during the 1 1/2 hour of craziness. But it is SO worth it! 
We are asked when the grand lunch will be as early as at registration. It has become a highly anticipated community event.
For those not having a grand, we have volunteers, retired teachers, and middle and high school students eat with those students so everyone is included.