Redeem Profit Through the Scholastic Dollars Catalog

Maximize your Book Fair profit: Shop the Scholastic Dollars Catalog (formerly School Resource Catalog). Available in print and online!


Use your Scholastic Dollars™ to purchase more educational products than ever before! By doubling the value of your cash profit, you can expand your purchasing power with great new products offered through our exclusive catalog – published just for our Book Fair customers! Shop online by logging in to your Toolkit or visit the catalog login page if you know your account information. Browse the catalog.

The catalog features more than 1,100 new items, including:

  • Popular books and collections
  • Library-bound books, including exclusive editions
  • Furniture and carpets
  • Electronics and technology items
  • Gifts and incentives for volunteers and kids
  • Audio libraries, curriculum-related materials, and more!

You can spend Scholastic Dollars in a variety of ways, including at your Book Fair, through the Scholastic Dollars Catalog (online access available through your Chairperson’s Toolkit), or via regional Scholastic Dollars booklists.

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