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Art Adventures Game and Activity
Master these two challenges by calling upon your art smarts:
  • Make a Masterpiece Match: Calling all super sleuths! Use clues to link paintings to the artists behind them.
  • Report for the Hyde Park Times: Pick a painting. Fill in the blanks. See the surprising article you've created! (Try the printable version [PDF] with a friend!)
Pattern Puzzles Game PATTERN PUZZLES
Can you crack the code? Follow the clues to unlock a secret message.
Can you fit the pentomino pieces together to form a solid rectangle? There are thousands of ways to complete the puzzle.

For practice, give it a try with these printable pentominoes [PDF].
Flash Board Game FLASH BOARD
Piece together words and images to post real-time messages for fellow Blue Balliett fans.
Pentomino Fortunes Game PENTOMINO FORTUNES
When Calder has a question, he turns to his pentomino pieces to reveal the answer. Think of a question and see where the pentominoes lead you.