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Main Street Featured Book: Main Street
Main Street
Real girls, real friendships: Ann M. Martin's heartfelt and mega-bestselling series Main Street is all about sisters Flora & Ruby trying to make it through the often messy business of growing up. Discover their world in Camden Falls, now available in eBook formats!

To: My Fans!
From: Ann
Meeting My Readers

Hi, readers! My first book was published in 1983, and two years later I left my full-time editing job to become a freelance writer. While I miss the daily interaction with colleagues, writing at home lets me fully immerse myself in the lives of my characters for the months it takes for me to write a book. Once the writing is done and the book is published, I know how I feel about my characters and my story, but I'm always curious to know what the readers are thinking and feeling. This is why I enjoy getting out on the road to meet my readers at bookstores, libraries, and schools.

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