2006 Award Winners
Intel and Scholastic Schools of Distinction Awards
Mathematics Achievement
Ogden Elementary School

Ogden Elementary School
Ogden, Kansas

School Statistics
Total Enrollment: 168 students
Type of School: Rural public school
Location/Size of School: N/A
Receive Free/Reduced Lunch: 71%
Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1

Ogden Elementary’s previous math instruction was disjointed and had little relationship to state and national standards, which resulted in low achievement. The staff enlisted the help of an innovative Kansas State University math education professor. The collaboration resulted in a well-designed professional development program, which included action research, authentic assessment, and collegial support to dramatically transform math instruction. At the end of the first year, state assessments yielded the largest increase in math scores since 1991, and the school’s first State Standard of Excellence in mathematics.