Remote Learning: Check out our easy-to-follow yoga video clips to promote calm and focus
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Cultivate compassion, build focus, and help your students better handle emotions with these kid-friendly yoga instruction videos and their accompanying SEL and ELA lesson plans.

VIDEO 1 Calm Down GRADES 3–5 WATCH THE VIDEO LESSON 1 Breathing Practice to
Bring More Calm >
VIDEO 2 Boost Energy GRADES 3–5 WATCH THE VIDEO LESSON 2 Lively Movements to
Invigorate Your Class >
VIDEO 3 Improve Focus GRADES 3–5 WATCH THE VIDEO LESSON 3 Inspire Concentration
With Mindfulness >
VIDEO 4 Control Emotions GRADES 3–5 WATCH THE VIDEO POSTER Easy Moves to
Manage Emotions >

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Keep the momentum going with these simple yoga and meditation videos made for working with kids.

Alo Yoga has created 25 themed curriculum programs with daily classes that help with post-recess, pre-test, confident learning, and beyond. These yoga videos are free and deskside friendly! Watch them at


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