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Something special happens when a child finds the right book.

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The Value of Reading

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Learning, discovery and imagination at play. Scholastic's mission is built on that
special moment a child finds the right book to read. When once-upon-a-time
becomes the only time that matters, and a child who reads becomes a child who
loves to read - for a lifetime. We are dedicated to helping every child make that
precious, transformative moment his or her very own - again and again.

We believe that just as independent reading is a critical part of every child's learning
and growth, finding the right book at the right time is an important first step in their
individual development. With support from teachers, parents and schools,
children choose from Scholastic the books they want to read, and in doing
so, they empower themselves with their own choices.

The right book is a key.
It opens a world of greater understanding,
self-motivation, and joy.

It opens a world of possible.

The Scholastic Possible Fund

Through the Scholastic Possible Fund, children around the world have
received millions of books with the help of our dedicated partners.

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Donated 43,273,746+ books

Resources for Teachers and Parents

Decades of research and thousands of moving stories make clear what’s possible for children when they read. Deep, extensive reading – whether at school or at home, independently and with others – fosters confidence, reading proficiency and personal and academic growth in ways nothing can match. The following research and resources will help support you in your ultimate aim as an educator and parent: to help all children learn to read, love to read– and to read joyfully.

It’s easy to match your student's reading and interest levels with books your student will love.
Visit Book Fairs | Visit Reading Club

It’s easy to match your student's reading and interest levels with books your student will love.
Visit Book Fairs | Visit Reading Club

Our Partners

Children around the world have reading advocates in literacy
organizations, popular celebrities, and corporate brands. We're proud
to partner with them to help open a world of possible.

Advocacy in Action

Advocacy in Action: Taylor Swift talks about importance of reading
Taylor Swift
In conjunction with the release of her best-selling CDs in 2010, 2012, and 2014, music superstar Taylor Swift joined Scholastic to talk about the importance of reading, writing, and imagination in three separate, widely-viewed webcasts.
Advocacy in Action: Usher’s webcast about how reading can create possibility
Global music icon Usher joined Scholastic for the launch of “Open a World of Possible”, hosting “BIGGERTHAN Words,” a live webcast about how students can open a world of possible and create lasting change through reading.
Pam Allyn & LitWorld
Pam Allyn is a world-renowned children’s rights and literacy advocate, author, and motivational speaker, and the Founder and Executive Director of LitWorld, a literacy organization committed to creating positive change in the world. She is also a passionate ambassador for Scholastic’s Open a World of Possible.
Celebrity Reading Advocates: Whoopi Goldberg
Celebrity Reading Advocates
Many celebrities, passionate about literacy, have joined Scholastic to spread the word about the power of reading through public service announcements.
Ralph Lauren Corporation
The Ralph Lauren Children’s Literacy Program supports children’s literacy and education worldwide. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the purchase price of the Ralph Lauren Literacy Capsule collection (e.g. journals, tote bags and T-shirts for the whole family) will be donated to Reach Out and Read (U.S.A. only) to provide books from the Scholastic Possible Fund to children in need.