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Writing is a hot topic. To write well, students need to learn how to write and what to write to in every subject. From English/language arts to content area writing, writing is a complex thinking skill that requires a clear, consistent and research-based approach that uses best practices; writing process, writing traits, writing modes and writing workshop. Writing is the key to the new high standards everyone is striving to meet.

Traits Writing will yield results never achieved before in writing. Why? Because it has:

  • Built-in professional learning tools and support.
  • A spiraling scope and sequence across the grades that provides a common language about writing and builds skills and applies them in increasingly complex tasks over time.
  • Mentor texts and accompanying author videos models of writing in each mode: narrative, informative/explanatory, and opinion/argument.
  • Engaging, high-quality lessons and activities at every grade that are based on students' writing, not worksheets.
  • Differentiated instruction, mode-specific unit projects, embedded conventions work, and so much more.

Traits Writing a teacher's best friend because all the resources needed are provided- freeing teachers to do what they are meant to do: work with students. Traits Writing focuses on how to write and what to write in a process-driven classroom that centers on writing workshop. Seem impossible? It's not. It's within your reach to do it all and achieve writing success for every child-and to bring tomorrow's writers to your classroom, today.

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