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Spring Spells

Paige Age: 12, Florida

Winters almost over I know it is,
So please head our way.
Winters cold and achy,
Please come our way.
colds and fevers,
so come our way.
winters gone and needs to sleep,
so please come our way.
the sun needs to shine and rain to fall.

Gebrella Age: 14, Florida

Come on spring I've been waiting.
Why must you be so belating?
Just come our way let winter sleep.
He is surely very weak.
So if you may please come our way.
We don't care how long you stay.

Nemar and Carys Ages: 11

Spirit of Darkness
Spirit of Light
Guide me to the sweet spring nights.
Winter be gone
Spring be here
Stop the Darkness
That I fear.

Katherine Age: 14, New York

It has been cold and chilly
Let's hope the spring is nice and silly
Shall the flowers grow
And please no more snow
Let's awaken the heat
Because it's time to start a new beat

Skya Age: 11, Michigan

Sun and Moon, united to bring
The season that we call Spring
Let violets and herbs return to the Earth
Prove your powers and your worth
Apalla and Artemis, united to bring
The special season we call Spring

To have this spell work, you have to do it twice, once in the day and once at night. Both times, leave a few herbs or flowers outside after you incant. *Note: This spell must be done outside.

Evall Age: 11

This is a spell that brings in a sweet fragrance of spring flowers and hone. All you need is to stand in the sunshine. The wind should be blowing; it can be hard or light. Then stretch your arms out into the air, as if you are trying to feel something, chant in a pleading voice:

Fire and Sun, Water and Moon
Make sweet fragrance come to me soon
Let there be Spring Smells with a wave of my hand,
Let it only be Spring, not Winter nor Fall!

Then just wave the hand you write with an POOF! You will find beautiful frangrances coming to you.

Holiday Wishes Spells

Keith Age: 9, Arizona

The Christmas Spell
Good magic that lights the night,
make a spring up tonight,
for all little boys and girls,
to make a little holiday cheer,
for all to see the little deer,
for all animals and children,
with magic moon and curing sun.

Ashley Age: 12, Michigan

Winter comes again,
Sun come up for a short while,
Then the moon Takes it's place,
Make your wish at the crack of dawn
or the chance will be gone.
Winter, here it comes
don't stay long
for We've have things to do
for in the power of the sun and moon,
The suns come first then the moon!!

Tristin Age: 11, California

To have a holiday
Never get in anyone's way
Yet to succeed
Don't have greed
And may
You have a happy holiday!

Emilee Age 13, Missouri

To make the best seasonal spell you take a piece pf your favorite
holiday food, your favorite flavor of candy, write down your favorite
holiday tradition, get a picture of your family, and write down all your
family's hopes and dreams for the next year. Place all these items in a
glass jar or in a box that can stand any kind of weather and hide it away
until 12:00 midnight on New Years Day.

Before you put it away light a candle next to your set the jar/box in front
of you and chant:

My all my families
Hopes and Dreams say first two lines twice
come true for the next year
and when they do
I shale open this to
remember my past
so I can then look on
into the future.

Alexandra Age: 11, New Jersey

holiday, lift my spirit
light our lives with gifts
c'mon now, lets hear it
as our spirit shifts
spring is alright with Easter
Christmas is the dearest
summer is quite boring
fall, you better fear it!
presents oh presents is what i ask

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Summer Bliss Spells

Aleilei, Age 15, HI

This is a calling to the four great elements. Recite these words on
a summery night in the light of the full moon when the clock strikes
midnight, or in the day when the clock strikes noon.

Sun and Water, Earth and Fire,
I call to thee, sacred elements
Hear me now and listen
I give thee thanks for the joys
Of our beautiful summer season
I am grateful for everything
You have given:
The lush gardens, the great fields,
The beautiful ocean grand and deep.
All we have had,
And all that has been given,
We owe to you, the Four Great Elements,
Thank you Sun and Water, Earth and Fire.

Shannon K, Age 11, CA

Beauty come within my grasp
Send me flowers to smell like an angel
Send me make-up to make my face beautiful
Send me nail polish to shine
Send me barretts, scrunchies to make my hair perfect
And send me one last thing
Send me something to knock the sense back into me because
I'm beautiful on the inside and if somebody does read this spell,
I hope that it shows them that it comes from the inside, not out.
The Natural goodness that comes with summer or from your heart.

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Protection Spells

Terri, Age 12, OK
If you feel insecure, or afraid, chant this spell:

"Oh, beautiful moon,
Please protect me soon,
Join forces with the sun,
And whisk the anxiety away with your golden gun"

Note: say the spell with power.

Felicia, Age 14, IL
Make dolls from rolled up paper and cloth. Tell the 7 dolls your worries. Stick them in a pouch under your pillow when you go to sleep, and when you wake up they will have taken away your worries!

Mojo, Age 11, CA
Okay, this is my protection spell. All you need is something that belongs to the person you're trying to protect, a piece of gray cloth and powdered chilly peppers. Make a circle out of the powdered chilly peppers and sit in it. Wrap the cloth around what you have of theirs and chant:

Sun of heat and fire
moon of cold desire.
Gather together,
With the earth, wind, and air,
Aid you're hurting child.

Lindsey, Age 10, MO
Protection spell

May your sword never break
May your Armor never rust
May the Three Moons guide your magic
May your Prayers be heard
May your Hoopak sing
May your Homeland prosper
May Dragons fly forever in your dreams

To activate the spell you must stand directly under the light of a full moon or on a holiday. In a pouch prepare a mixture of cinnamon + Thyme. In the Moonlight spread a pinch of it around you. Do this once a month and be protected.

Alison, Age 13
Okay, this is my protection spell. All you need is a picture of yourself or who you're trying to protect, a piece of white cloth and about seven candles. Make a circle out of the candles and sit in it. Wrap the cloth around the picture and chant:

Sun and Moon, Earth and Air,
Fire, Thunder and Water.
Gather in from everywhere,
Aid you're hurting daughter.

Protect (insert name) from all harm,
Keep them from they're blight.

Alia, Age 13, Alabama
Danger is near
For my friend there is much to fear
Let (say name) be safe and sound
Let the danger go around
The trouble is close
Let it go away reconhose
Trouble in Trouble
Does wither and bubble.
Let the danger be drove away.
Let us find the strength to save the day.

Maggie, Age 11, Califonia
Moon shining oh so bright guide me through past the devilish light
Call the godesses call the sea call anyhing that can protect me.
Protection lies upon the ground raise it up and put it down.

Tori, Age 12, Pennsylvania
Moon, Protect me
Sun, Protect me
Earth, Protect me
Sky, Protect me
Sisters, Brothers, of the World
Form a circle
Of protection
Keep away all evil
You are my family
You shall protect me
I shall protect you
Moon, Protect me
Sun, Protect me
Earth, Protect me
Sky, Protect me

Renee, Age 10, California
if you ever come across danger and have nothing to protect you recite these words:
"sun and moon, land and sea
i am in danger so please save me!"

Jeana, Age 12
your heart maybe cold and dark and cruel, but face the fact that love always win, so keep your cool, we're protected by the sun and moon

Cynthia, Age 13, California
Some quick words to say when you wish for protection:
Protect us spirits from around
don't let us be found

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Moon Spells

Shanae, Age 11, NC
Earth to wind, moon to fire
show me all the moons desires.
To the east to the west
let the moon do what is best!!! (repeat x3)

Kiki, Age 11, IL
Hidden Wish Spell Say this when there is a full moon, or on any Holidays. Also close you eyes and think about the wish you want to say.

Sun and Moon Sea and Fire Let me have my desire OPEN EYES CLOSE THEM Sun and moon
Sea and Fire
Let me have (say your wish)

Liz, Age 12, Texas

O goddess of night, filled with grace
Mighty sun god, your chariot race
Thrice around the circle's bound
Protection always will surround
In the graceful arms of thee
Protection forever around me
When great evil stalks the night
Please protect me by your might
Gracious divinities, I loyal to thee
As I will, so mote it be.
~* Cast a circle and say these words within it. Have a chalice half full of water. pour olive oil on it so that it covers the surface of the water. This represents the magic (oil) protecting you (water)*~

Hamsta, Age 10, NY
True Love Spell
Do this spell on a full moon with a bowl of water dyed your boy's favorite color. Take a rose petal and put perfume on it. Put it in the bowl. Then say the following words:

Wings of night, Leaves of earth, Feathers of the sun, make me be (boys name) chosen one!
Note:Say the words with feeling!!!

Amanda, Age 12, IL
Heart's Desire Spell Say this in your head, and when you are in a public place like school, or sports, etc on the night of a full moon. MUST CLOSE EYES

Sun and Moon
Sea and Fire
Let me see
my true desire

Jessi, Age 11, HI
(You must be alone under either warm, bright or bright, crescent moon.) Bring with you a posession of whomever you wish to understand your true self without hearing the words spoken. Lay the object on the palm of your right hand, (refrain from stealing a pet or a valuable, and return whatever you took afterward). Gaze at the moon/sun,and say these words:

Sun and Moon, of blinding light,
Let my friend(s) see through my sight,
quickly, with the coming tide,
let my thoughts in their mind(s) reside.

Kayla, Age 12, MA
All you need for this spell is rose petals. Sprinkle the petals around the spot you don't want bugs and presto you have a home made pest remover!!

Bugs that pester me, crawl back into thy den,
Forever leave my sight!! Be gone till tomorrow!

Adelicia, Age 11, IA Oh,
Power of the moonlight
Evil disapear from my sight
Oh, Powerful sun
Beware Enemy, soon you shall run
Make my magic too strong
For you to do my friends any wrong
Everything shall stay right
for the rest of this night

Ashley, Age 9, HI
Power of SUN
Power of MOON
make the night as clear as day
make the morning as clear as night
I need you SUN and I need you MOON
I hope I will see you soon!

Nikki, Age 12, CA
Shining moon that gives light in the darkness
and sun of bright light help me see where I am needed,
help me see the one who needs help,
let me help the one in need.

Joshua, Age 14, OH
Light of day
Black of night
Let me see
With secound sight.

Rachel, Age 10, NJ
moon and morning and night make thy night cold and bright!

Sandra, Age 10, WA
Twinkle twinkle the stars go
Staring at them as they flow
the moon staring down at you

Adrienne, Age 12, IN
One for me and one for you
You need me and I need you
Direct the stars let light shine through
Now we've made a soul of truth.

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Rhyming Spells:

Christine, Age 15
in my mind i see you here.
in my pain i need you near.
find me, trace me,
where i be.
come here, come here,
now to me.

sami jess jaime, Age 12, NV
with someone's fate
is to take by chance with a dance
and enhance a romance
by another chance
will make your wish for a date

Caitlin, Age 10, CO
Save a life,not a test
Don't kill a child, try your best
Cure a child, else no one,
With glaring moon and blazing sun!

Gemma, Age 11
There's a boy I love so much
Make him love me just as such
Let me feel his magic touch
So we can be 2Gether 4Eva!

Meg, Age 14, IL
I'm in danger
Can't scream or shout
I need a way
to get out
Someone hear me
hear this spell
come and save me
all will be well

Evelyn, Age 15, CO
I need to be neat
I am not talking about my body or feet.
I need to know were things are
or else i will have to look far.

Akemi, Age 14, WA
Moon Light, Sunny Rays,
I wish for Good Weather these Days.
Hold the Wind back,
Don't let the rain fall.
Heed these words for health is worth it all.

Katie, Age 12
Whirl whirl twist and twirl,
magic mother of thy pearl.
Twist and mix with beach at bay,
every mother's secret day
Sound of light and sight of day,
come together, make a ray.

Hannah, Age 11, FL
Howling winds;
Listen twins;
Winds that frighten;
Let your hearts lighten;
The rain that falls;
And the simple squalls;
Put your powers together;
Let them be gone forever!

Gigi, Age 11, MA
We are fifteen,
on Halloween.
Make us light,
To bring sight.
of what we need,
we have grown from such a little seed.
Let us outgrow,
please show!

Sarah, Age 12, AL
With timing right
And the specific light,
Make your charm
A growing arm,
Of perfection
And exception.
Never miss
A growing wish,
Make your life
A wondrous gift.

Jennifer, Age 11, CA
I feel alone,
I need a friend.
Please help me now,
A guy/girl would you please send.
Grant me power, high from above
Help me now to fall in love.

Julie, Age 12, VA
Moon made of fairy dust,
Sun made of fire,
Give this person,
The thing they most desire.
But stars ablazing,
Comets bright,
Make whats wrong,
Turn into right.

Erin, Age 11, IL
Glorious sunlight please set me free,
From the darkness that clings to me.
Please give to me my heart's one need,
That hatred and death cannot succeed.

Meera, Age 13
Truth abounds in righteous minds,
Be it honest what you find.
Continue your search of justice true,
Search for answers, questions too.

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Love Spells:

Shannon, Age 11, CA
Unicorns and Castles
And stars in the night
Bring (thier name) attention
When the time is right
Colors bright, like petals on a flower
Weave this wish in your magic power
Happy and wild, creative and free
Let this boy be success to me
With this boy I'll grow hopes and dreams
And faithfully wish on magic moonbeams

Samantha, Age 12, NY
Write down the first and last name of someone you want to date. Sprinkle some dried apple blossom petals overtop of the paper. Once that's done, chant these words 3 times:

{Name of person} is the one I love,
To me
{he/she} is a gift from above.
{him/her} straight to me,
Wherever my love is,carry me!

Boys spell of love (Kimberley, Age 10, TX)
Do this spell to get a boy to like you. Get a cup halfway filled with water and let a cherry blossom float in it. Get red or blue chalk depending who you are most like (blue Alex, red Cam), draw a circle on the ground, then sit in the circle on a windy humid night (remember it must be done in spring) and sing this chant:

Cherry blossom you are my Beauty,
Make the famous boy I love my cutie,
Remember me, remember me, my love with you forever

Katherine, Age 13: Pluck some flowers (any kind is fine) and go to some water (a lake at the full moon works best, but you can use a bowl of water in a pinch). Throw the flowers in the water, thinking about the person you desire, and saying:

"I place my enchantment with all my might,
May it come true this very night!

Jessica, Age 10, MA
This spell is to make the person you like like you back (or like you even more). To do this spell, you don't need much. All you need is the (boy/girl you like)'s signature, and a bit of any perfume (preferably girl's perfume). Go out on your porch, balcony, or anywhere you can see the moon. You have to do this on a full moon. When you have direct sight of the moon, repeat this incantation:

Full moon of wonder and light
Fill my crush's heart with love I feel for him tonight.

Marcia, Age 11, CA
Do you want someone to notice and like you? Just take a picture of that person. Rub an apple blossom petal on the back of the photo and chant this:

Love of my life,
your love for me
will grow as big
as an apple tree.

Jessica, Age 12.5, WA
This is a spell to do if you're worried about a date. Look at a picture (either in the yearbook or one lying around your room) of the person your gonna go out with and chant:

I know it'll be a great date,
Then why am I so tense,
It makes no sense,
That I am so tense,
so make my date worries disenagrate!

To be or not? (Amanda, Age 13, NJ)
This spell is to find out who likes you or not. On the night before Valentine's Day, have a red heart in your right hand. In your left hand, have a torn heart. As you sit by your window with the hearts say these words:

Is it (name of person you like) who likes me?
Just please let me see,
Is (name) cool, or is (name) cruel?

After repeating those words, whichever hand the moon hits is your answer (broken heart, no, full heart, yes).

To make someone love you! (Larysa, Age 11)
Say this while picturing the person:
Sun and Moon,
Sea and Fire,
Make me be(name's)desire!

Kendall, Age 12, FL
On a night with a full moon go to a lake or the sea and say this while sprinkling rose petals in the water:

True in power, what we seek,
make sure our eyes will always meet.
Power of moon, never sour,
make him/her think of me every hour.
Power of sun, our love will burn,
to someone else he/she shall never turn.
Hold our love forever and ever,
from great Cupid's bow and quiver.

Kika, Age 13, DC
Get 3 rose petals 1 leaf and a bowl of water with a pinch of salt
put the rose petals and the leaf in the water and say these words
"as the moon shines my love vines grow for my love (persons name) as he/she walks up the street don't try to beat its love"

Jennifer, Age12, HI
Do you want someone to like you? You'll need the signature of the person you like. Now write your signature on top of the signature of the person you like in your favourite coloured pen. Find a place where you can see a crescent moon clearly, and say the following:

Power of the moon,
please give love to me
and {name of the person},
may that love last forever

Jessica, Age 10, MS
Boys name you like I like you can't you see fall in love with me on the count of three since I love you, love me too.

Then get a rose write the boy's name you like on a sheet of paper circle around with the pedals of the rose say

Goddess of the Earth I bless this rose and ask you to bless it too to make my love love me too. Just like I love you Goddess help me please bless this rose for me make my love love me.

Then get a feather and put water all over it put it on your face rub it up and down and say this while you do it.

Feather that touches me touch my love with the love from me make my dream come true make my love love me to on the count of 3.

Audrie, Age 14
find out your true love.

place your shoes like a letter 't' and chant these words:


reverse your shoes and chant the words three times, then lie down and go to sleep. in your dreams you will see him.

if you're a guy change 'he' to 'she' and 'his' to 'her'.

try not to wake before you see him/her and think about it a little. this spell should only be used before you go to sleep on any night

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Homework Spells:

Amanda and Nikki, Ages 14 and 15, FL
Math, Science, History
Homework all around
Make the answers come to us
Show us how they're found

Ale, Age 10, NC
to have good grades you have to day this with all the grades you
have had - there must be at least 4 papers.
make a circle with a chalk (it can be whatever color you like but it would work better with your favorite color) then put the four papers around you while you stand up in the middle of the circle then say these words :
looking at my future my test and work will be good my life will be better
at school and I will get good grades A is my new favorite letter now.

Kim and Brennan, Age 10, CA
Reports are good
Reports are great
Make me turn them in early, not late.

Emmo, Age 11, MD
Answers, Answers come to me
Help me have a victory
Power of moon
Get it done soon
Power of sunlight
Shine so bright
Get it done quick
Get it done right

Kristen, Age 10
pen and pencil help me do my homework. let my homework be right.
let it make my teacher smile. please let my homework be right.

Nicole, Age 13
I have homework I cannot do,
I have the power that I can use,
Use my power,
Use it well,
Complete my homework with this spell,

My homework that I cannot do,
My power that I can all but use,
Hear my spell,
Use my words,
And make this homework sheet complete.

Kate, Age 8, WI
use this spell when you are worried about a test:

I've done my work
I've gotten rest
I promise I will
do my best, please
anyone, just help
me ace this test.

Luna, Age 12
Help me to get these answers right,
I need to get them done for school,
Magick help me to get them done soon,
I don't want to take all night.

Emily, Age 13
Lay down your homework, if to do with
numbers facing west if to do with writing (such as a written test) facing
east and if something else facing north.

Then, put some lavender oil on and chant the following while resting hands on homework:

Let the power within me
rise to the surface,

and with all its might
let it go to my purpose.

So that I may be free from
this task,

and in my self-confidence
I may bask.

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Birthday Spells for the T*Witches:

Chris, Age 13, IL
At sunset hold your necklace so it is enveloped by the sunset and recite this spell:

Power of Sun,
Shine your light,
Shine your rays,
Give Apolla her might,
Give her the arrow,
Of Fire,
Of Sight,
And in her heart,
May she always be right.

Power of Moon,
With your silver shine,
Give Artemis the might of nine,
Give her the Crescent,
of your everlasting power,
May it not be vanquished,
By each vanishing hour.

Give the Twins everlasting might,
Throughout every day,
Throughout every night.

Amanda, Age 12, WI
For Artemis and Apolla on the day they were born,
Remind them of the mother that had once sworn,
To her babes that they would stay free from harm,
And they would be safe in Ileana's arm,
Tell them that their mother still loves them much,
And let them remember her smell and touch,
Make them remember that her mother has blessed,
The matching charms that they wear on their chest,
Let them grow in knowledge and in spirit,
And danger: don't let them near it.
Let them turn fifteen in joyful glee,
And make the evil Thantos just let them be.

Shantaz, Age 10, AK
Let thou girls power to sprout,
Open up and let it out!

Sam and Maria, Age 15, OH
Strength and beauty grow with thee
Power and friendship that all can see
14 to 15 all will begin
one day to save all that's within
Moon and Sun show their beauty
as they still take time to do their duty
Homework and School can get so tough
But all will know that you've got the stuff!

Happy Birthday Apolla and Artemis (Cam n Alex)!

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Weather & Energy Spells:

Alex, Age 12, CA
It's time for your body and spells to flower,
give your bones some good old power!

~*RAIN SPELL*~ by Jaron, Age 13, IN
Air, Water,
Earth, Flame
Give us storm
Bring us rain
My/our power,
magick, help
our deed,
let us have
what we need.

Energy Spell, by Jaclyn, Age 12, PA
Take one part of a ginseng plant and rub it on your hands and feet. Make a circle with it only big enough to stand in. Repeat these words, while standing in the circle:

Let me find the energy and power,
So that my body will not sour.

CoolGirl, Age 10, WY
Let the weather here for a month be clear.
Let all energy be restored, all boredom be floored.

Jaclyn, Age 12, PA
Go away the rain that makes me dreary,
Come back the sun that makes me cheery.
May the clouds go away.
May the rainbow come to stay.

Jayne, Age 12
For the past week or two
I've been feeling low,
So, help the bubbling feelings show.

Help the weather stay cool,
Make the atmosphere rockin' at school.
Make me hav fun in the sun.
Make class be a blast.
And help the energy pumpin' through.

Claire, Age 12, WI
Find a symbol of your favorite weather (flowers for warm, ice for cold, etc.). Take your symbol and go outside as the sun is setting. Walk around your house while chanting the following and dropping pieces of your symbol:

Oh power of the [sun for heat, moon for cold] come down and shine your light on this town. From here on ending, forever more; send down this weather that I adore.
Continue this for one week and do it every year on the same dates to insure more good weather.

Bryanna, Age 13, FL
These old bones!
Perk up! Speak up!
Let Thy bones be as strong
as a playful pup!
And not as creaky
as a rusty old cup!

Liz, Age 13, NJ
Do this on a cloudy day, when you want there to be sun. First cut a circle out of yellow paper. Then cut that in half. And then while saying:

Two separate halves, now become one and let shine through the glorious sun.
While saying that take one half in each hand. Then raise your arms over your head and put the pieces back together, then bring your arms down keeping the pieces together, and then tape them together.

Cindy, Age 15, WA
The weather is bad,
now everyone's getting sad.
With some good weather,
they'll feel light as a feather.

I am tired and weary,
I'm almost to the point of being teary.
With some energy I may,
Be more alert and peppy this day.

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Other Spells:

Sammy Jo, Age 11, FL
Power Up Do this spell to boost your magic back to its old self. Or do this spell to DOUBLE your powers!
You Will Need:
A bright sunny, summers day,
Some type of animal,
And a pinch of salt.

What to do:
Go outside on a sunny, summers day with your pet at your feet. Hold the salt in between your forefinger and thumb of your right hand and spin around three times clockwise. As you spin gradually let go of the salt and say these words:
Sun goddess with power so strong,
Increase my strength for a time so long.
Take this salt and a hair/scale/feather from my pet,
And power me up for a long time yet.

Bre, Age 14
The Talkover Spell
Perfect to get blabbermouthes quiet.
You must be standing and staring directly at the target person to work.
Then chant the incantation quietly:

The truth won't always set you free,
Sometimes it harms both you and me.
Say what you want another time,
The words in your mouth will now be mine!

To make things disappear (Helen, Age 12, TX)
nothing here,nothing there
nothing every single where

nothing there,nothing here
nothing ever ever here

Karen, Age 11, VA
If you are having bad dreams and cannot sleep, take a cloth bag (it helps if it's cozy and pretty), and fill it with sweet smelling herbs. An example is lavender. Put all you want in it. Then, at night, place it under or near your pillow, and say: "These herbs in this bag are special to me. Take the bad dreams away, but leave the good dreams be."

Locating Lost Items (Jennifer, Age 16, MD)
Keeper of what disapears,
Hear me now, open your ears,
Find for me what I now seek,
By moon, sun, wind , fire, earth, and sea.

Concentrate on what you have lost while saying these words.

Zit-free spell! (Cat from Massachusetts)
To do this you first have to put a rose bud on your face and smell the fresh fragrance. Tell yourself (as you do this):

Zit free is the way to be!
Do this 5 times then have a fun day for the rest of the day then do the same thing again. After saying it you should wash your face. A trick to speed up this process is to wash your face every day and to try not to touch your face all the time.

I tried it and it worked in 10 days. Thats how long mine took. But it differs from person to person. If it doesnt work just go on and do it the next day!

The Calm Charm (Sarah, Age 11, VA)
If you're upset about something and you can't think with all those butterflies in your stomach. Take some lavender (if you have any) or think about what your favorite thing is. Find a peppermint, eat it and then say:

Calm my nerves I need to do this no matter what so get my butterflies out of my stomach fast fast fast.
Then you'll feel better.

One reminder: you have to believe in yourself.

Split Spell (Ryan, Age 9, OH)
Grab a partner or friend. Sit in front of each other: one with legs apart and one with legs together.The one with legs together puts his/her feet on the knees of the person that has his/her legs apart. While doing that step hold hands. The one that has his/her feet on the other pushes on the other persons knees. While doing that step say:

Feet feet help tis person do the splits.

The Un-Ground Me Spell (Falynn, Age 12, PA)
Spin a frisbee counter-clockwise on your finger and say:

Let me loose, let me out,
Swing around and turn about.
Sentence lifted, Spirit gifted.
Grounding over without a doubt!

Ace the Exam Incantation (Alexandra, Age 12, NY): Just before you walk into the classroom for the test, go to a quiet place and repeat these words:

"I have wisdom and power over the hour,
On this test today I will get an A!

Good Health Spell (Alli, Age 11, WA): Sit on your bed at 11:00 p.m during the half moon. Sprinkle sugar on your left hand. Then get a honeysuckle blossom and squeeze it onto your neck. Say the person's name that you want good health for 17 times while rubbing the sugar on your hand.

Good Grade Chant (Timothy, Age 12, AL): "Only for today, let [name] get an A!"

Summoning Spell (thanks to Aaron, Age 12, AL): Make a circle on the floor/ground, and place rocks on the North, South, East, and West points. Sit in the center of the circle, facing East, and chant:

"Be (s)he far or be (s)he near,
Bring [name] to me here.

Happiness Spell (by Karsh): Just write down on a piece of paper who/what is making you sad or angry. Then dig a hole in your garden, and place the paper in it. Top it off with an apple blossom. Rub a little clove oil on your wrists and behind your ears. Then fill the hole with dirt, saying: "I bury my worry. Take it away—hurry hurry!"

Pet Protection Spell (Margaret, Age 11, NY): Draw a circle on the sidewalk/floor in chalk. Call your pet into the circle. For a cat, sprinkle some dried catnip in the center of the circle. For a dog, use dried basil instead. While your pet is in the circle, say the following incantation:

"Beloved creature, faithful pet
This spell will keep away all threat.
Sweetest beastie, blessed friend,
When danger looms, this spell defend.
Lovely treasure, favorite one,
This spell will never be undone.

Spell to Reveal Truth (Paula, Age 9, CT): On the night of the full moon, sit in a clearing with a bowl half-filled with water. Add to the bowl a handful of cyclamen blossoms. Drizzle a little jasmine oil on top. Staring into the bowl (make sure the moon is reflected in the water), concentrate on your question. After a few minutes, repeat the following words:

"Moon of night, at its peak,
Provide me with the truth I seek.

Wishing Spell (Kalina, Age 13, GA)
Late at night I wish on the stars in the sky.
I wish to grow wings and to fly.
Fly away from reality.
So I can find the real me.
Oh why does reality hunt me with woe?
Late ate night I wish on the stars in the sky.
I wish for a prince to carry me away.
Away to a kingdom called Morenlae.
Where there is nothing to fear.
But will my prince come?
Late at night I wish on the stars in the sky.
I wish to laugh and never cry.
To, laugh without worries.
Oh, what joy that would bring!
And to never again shed a tear of pain.
Can such dreams come true?
Late ate night I wish on the stars.
I wish on Venus.
I wish on Mars.
And as I slowly open my eyes true happiness I find.

say this when you are sitting in a circle made of rosemary.

Magic Power-up (Zazzy, Age 11, CA)
Dance like you've never danced before
And see your power grow to more!

Say spell each day and I am telling you it shall work!

Reveal The Truth (Carly, Age 8, NY)

I make this spell,
to make him/her tell
what he/she does now hide
with guilt inside.
I now must know,
what he/she does not show.

Friendship Spell (Michaela, Age 14)
Light a red or pink candle and say:

Believe me or not,
Just follow your heart,
Don't listen to what people say,
What people do,
Cos it could only hurt you,
But believe what you want,
And don't let no one pressure you,
But what I would like,
Is to just talk to you,
Come on (person's whole name),
Lets just be friends.

While saying this look at the flame and picture the person.
I used this spell on a boy I fell out with and when I did this spell, the next day he stared talking to me.

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