Tip Archive

Here are Karsh's favorite magick tips. Use them for your SPELL-ing Bee, or your own private spell-binding.
Rhyming Power: Herbs, candles, moonlight, they're all good for spells. But the secret to a truly powerful spell (for those of us in the know) is the RHYME. Without the rhyme, you're wasting your time!

Powerful Places: Some spells need atmosphere - and your bright pink bathroom just won't do. Get outside and work with Mother Nature to make some magick under the sun or the stars, near trees or water. The energy of all living things will add their power to yours.

Speaking in Tongues: Creating spells can be hard, especially when you're in a hurry. The trickiest part is making them rhyme. Here's a secret: make up words! If Dr. Seuss (a very powerful wizard) did it, why can't you? As long as the meaning of the spell is clear, no-one will care that there's no such word as "kablorkin" or "zamfoodle." Give it a try!

Creature Companions: Does your spell need more oomph? Try using your pet! (Ask nicely first.) Cats, dogs, and many small creatures understand how magick works better than us humans. They can help by adding their energy to yours and helping you focus.

Timing is Everything: Don't waste your time with untimely spells. Do you need a full moon? Will it only work in June? Are you feeling your best, or do you need some rest? Timing matters as much as the words you recite and the candles you light! Be patient and powerful and you will succeed!

Know Your Herbs: Do you know the difference between Mugwort and Marjoram? Can you tell Chamomile from Cumin? Each herb has special properties, so take a time-out, put your nose in a book, and get totally HERBACIOUS! Ahem.