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Tonka Joe® Danger Ahead™
By Justine and Ron Fontes
Illustrated by Redondo/Mitchell
Ages 4–8; $3.50
ISBN: 0-439-25910-X

Tonka Joe is faced with a big challenge! Can his monster trucks Flame Racer and Blizzard Rig handle it?

Tonka Joe ® Volcano Rescue™
By Michael Teitelbaum
Illustrated by Marty Roper
Ages 4–8; $3.50
ISBN: 0-439-25911-8

Tonka Joe’s neice and nephew are trapped on top of an erupting volcano! Will Tonka Joe and the Path Cutter make it in time to save J.J. and Stevie?

Tonka Joe ® Tonka Joe’s Machines Sticker Book™
By Sonali Fry
Illustrated by The Thompson Brothers
Ages 3–7; $5.99
ISBN: 0-439-25913-4

Sticker fun with Tonka Joe! Super-mechanic Tonka Joe is ready for any disaster-with his custom-built mega machines! Complete each action packed-scene with lots of colorful stickers!