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Tonka® On the Highway Sticker Book

By Sonali Fry
Illustrated by Thomas LaPadula
Ages 3–5; $5.99
ISBN: 0-439-25912-6

From a toll plaza and gas station, to a farm and a carnival, Tonka trucks are everywhere! Complete each scene with colorful stickers!

Tonka® Night and Day
By Patricia Relf
Illustrated by Thomas LaPadula
Ages 3–7; $12.95
ISBN: 0-439-12196-5

Lots of trucks work hard during the day. But what are trucks up to when they rumble by at night? Come and learn about all the exciting things that trucks do while most people are tucked in for the night! Fun facts and colorful illustrations tell truck-loving youngsters about their favorite vehicles-including pavement patchers, live television-trucks, armored trucks and much more!

Tonka® Big Book of Trucks
By Patricia Relf
Illustrated by Thomas LaPadula
Ages 3–7; $11.95
ISBN: 0-590-84572-1

Trucks, trucks and more trucks! Trucks are everywhere! In this book, children find out how a backhoe digs deep into the ground, how a pumper truck sprays water on a raging fire, how the cherry picker got its name and much more! With fascinating facts ad detailed instructions, truck lovers of all ages will have tons of fun learning about their favorite vehicles.

Tonka® The Best Christmas Tree Ever
By Patricia Relf
Illustrated by Andrew Gray
Ages 3–7; $9.95
ISBN: 0-590-03283-6

It’s Christmastime and Central City needs a beautiful tree! Tonka® trucks roar into action. From the country to the city, it takes a lot of trucks to make a Merry Christmas! Look for the pop-up of Central City’s best tree ever at the end of the book!

Tonka® Big City Dump Truck Package (book and toy)
By Mary Packard
Illustrated by Thomas LaPadula
Ages 3–5; $6.95
ISBN: 0-590-04458-3

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! The big farm tractor is working hard. It pulls plows through the fields. It drives over the rough land. It can even rescue a horse! The tractor is the strongest truck on the farm.