Saxton Freyman

Saxton Freyman received his first jacknife on his eighth birthday, which he used right away to carve his very first pumpkin. Years later, he used that same knife to create many of the characters in Play With Your Food, this time with fewer injuries!

Saxton and his wife, Mia, started eeBoo Corporation, which makes really cool, and fun products like growth charts, cookie cutters, and stacking blocks. It was through Mia that Sax learned about Joost Elfer's idea of doing a book on carving veggies. Together, they immediately began working on Play With Your Food and Play With Your Pumpkin.

Joost Elffers began creating books in the early 1970's. Since then he has come up with really fun books full of imagination, like Oragami, Cat's Cradle, and Anamorphoses and the Games of Perspective. In 1978, he created his first fruit characters in Die Radieschen Maus im Kaseloch.

Since Joost is a foreigner, he was not too familiar with the Halloween tradition of carving out jack-o-lanterns. He was surprised to see that Americans never noticed the cute nose pumpkins already have-their stem. With his friend, Saxton Freymann, he started the book Play With Your Food.

Color Gus and Button
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Dog Food
The creators of Play With Your Food and How Are You Peeling? take our favorite doggy phrases and turn them on their stem with help of a produce aisle full of hammy (you should pardon the expression) fruit-and-veggie sculptures.
Gus and Button
When a bright green sprout blows into the all-beige mushroom town, Gus is determined to find out where it came from. Utterly unafraid of the warnings he's been given about the dangers the lands beyond, Gus sets out with his dog Button by his side. Luck, pluck, and some very good friends help Gus survive to bring color and contrast to the once separate lands.
Dr. Pompo's Nose
While strolling through the neighborhood, Dr. Pompo comes across a suspicious stem lying upon the ground. Could it be someone's nose?? Uncle Wrinkle thinks it's a gardening tool. Ninmkin thinks it's a horn for calling sheep. Only Mrs. Sniffen knows the truth (it's HER nose!) What do you think? 
One Lonely Seahorse
Join the tale of one lonely seahorse whose friends come around in progressively larger groups, proving with humor and visual flair that they can be counted on. 

How Are You Peeling?
Feeling Happy? Hopeful? Overjoyed? Angry? Anxious? Whatever your mood, you're bound to feel thirty two times as good after looking at wild food sculptures with a food face that seems to embody each emotion more fluidly and expressively than any human face could.

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