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We gave our subscribers a free login to PNC’s new ‘S’ is for Savings account – a family-friendly financial learning website – so they could test it out with their kids. Here are some of their reactions:

• 100% of reviewers say:
Site is easy to use
My children enjoyed the site
It provides good financial lessons for children
Would recommend to other parents

• 9 out of 10 parents think ‘S’ is for Savings provides fun learning tools for young minds!

”The site is very user friendly and very easy to understand. My son loved the Sesame Street characters. They helped to reinforce the idea of sharing, but on a level that a child could understand. We enjoyed the actual transferring of money from the table to the jars. Very easy for a preschooler to grasp. Absolutely loved the site and I will register my kids on it in the future.”
Anita G. – NY

“My husband and I have been struggling with the issue of how to prepare our children to be responsible financially and this provided a lot of great tips and follow up activity ideas. This keeps the lessons on age-appropriate levels, teaching children critical skills and concepts around finances.”
Kate M. – GA

“My children and I enjoyed the learning center very much. It was fun! I would definitely recommend ‘S’ is for Savings to others.”
Kathryn N. – NY

“I have four young daughters. Each of them loves all of the interactive stuff. They get a kick out of it and truly enjoy the experience.”
Paul L. – NY

“The games and the Sesame Street characters definitely entice them to learn and play at the same time. [The ‘S’ is for Savings site has] the perfect principles to instill with our young ones these days.”
Cindy M. – NJ

“My daughter is learning about money at school and at home, and she really enjoyed seeing everything that she has been learning in action.”
Annamaria B. – IL


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Jill Berry is a writer and stay-at-home mother of 3. Jill’s writing can be found at Baltimore Examiner, AboutOne, TypeAParent, and DC Moms. She is all about “Seizing Family Time” so click here to see what she says about ‘S’ is for Savings.