Remote Learning Guide


STEM and Technology Career Activities | Grades 3–7

Use these remote-ready student activities and adaptable lessons on AI, cybersecurity, online safety, and technology careers.

Review and assign these step-by-step student activities in your preferred format:

Google doc:

  1. Open the link for the relevant Google Doc above.
  2. Click the blue “Make a Copy” button.
  3. Customize the Assignments box as described below.
  4. Share the Student Assignment doc with your students.

Print Packet/PDF:

  1. Download the relevant Print Packet/PDF above.
  2. Customize the Assignments box as described below.
  3. Distribute the packets to your students.

When assigning student work, use the “Assignments” box to:

  • Indicate which assignments students should complete
  • Customize the materials to your class’s needs, including any tips and supporting tasks
  • Assign due date(s)

Working with younger students?

  • Duplicate the Student Assignment Google doc and share one assignment at a time
our full list
of adaptable
lessons to mix
and match
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The Tech4Innovation materials were originally developed for classroom instruction. To supplement the above student work with discussion and differentiation, review and adapt the program resources listed below.
Artificial IntelligenceSTEM + ELA
3–5 Lesson: Defining + Solving Problems With AI Vocabulary • Critical thinking • Problem-solving
6–7 Lesson: Exploring the Benefits + Potential Pitfalls of AI Solutions Vocabulary • Research • Problem-solving
3–7 Activity: Identifying AI Applications Identifying technology terms • Identifying applications for technology
3–7 Mini-Poster: Exploring AI Innovation Ideas Examples of AI innovations
6–7 Student Magazine: AI Careers Reading comprehension • Career readiness
Online Safety ELA + Technology
3–5 Lesson: Learning About Online Privacy Vocabulary • Critical thinking • Problem-solving
3–5 Activity: Making Safe Online Decisions Real-life scenarios • Vocabulary • Privacy
3–5 Mini-Poster: Steps for Online Safety Health + safety • Digital citizenship
6–7 Lesson: Assessing Online Safety Risks Online safety + privacy • Technology innovation • Problem-solving
6–7 Activity: Making Safe Online Decisions Real-life scenarios • Critical thinking • Online safety
6–7 Student Magazine: Cybersecurity Careers Reading comprehension • Career readiness
Cryptology + Fraud Detection Math + Technology
3–5 Lesson: Introducing Cryptology + Fraud Detection Encryption • Graphs • Data patterns
3–5 Activity: Practicing Cryptology Decoding
3–5 Activity: Using Graphs for Fraud Detection Identifying patterns • Reading + plotting graphs
3–5 Mini-Poster: STEM Career Skills Career skills
6–7 Lesson: Tracing Digital Developments History of technology • Digital convergence • Biometric security
6–7 Activity: Technology Cards Technology applications • Critical thinking
6–7 Activity: Fingerprint Encryption Pattern identification • Encryption coding • Online security
6–7 Student Magazine: Technology Careers Reading comprehension • Career readiness
Video Technology and Career Development
3–7 Meet a Security Expert Technology career advice • Vocabulary

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