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STEM Lessons and Contest

Use these lessons, activities, and reading passages on AI, cybersecurity, privacy, and more to help students hone their STEM skills.

Step Inside AI

Can AI help a busy pet shelter get animals adopted? Students will
identify goals, select tech tools, and order algorithm steps for an AI solution.

Play the Inside AI Game

Meet Real-Life Tech Experts!

Students will discover how AI & cybersecurity specialists combine creativity and technical skills. Plus, these pros share advice for career success!


Student Magazine

Experts explain how AI can transform daily life


A student interviews a cybersecurity pro

Classroom Resources

These lessons, activities, and reading passages on AI, cybersecurity, privacy, and more will introduce students to STEM innovations and careers. The resources are also available in a student-directed remote learning format.

Artificial Intelligence

Mini Classroom Poster Learn about innovative tech tools that help people.


Lesson Plan Identify and explore real-life examples of AI.


Activity Sheet Use this graphic organizer to brainstorm new AI ideas.


Online Safety

Mini Classroom Poster Students learn five key ways to keep safe online.


Lesson Plan Identify and find solutions to security + privacy risks


Activity Sheet Discover ways to make safer choices online.


Cryptology and Fraud Protection

Lesson Plan Dig into the science behind cryptology and fraud detection.


Activity Sheets Students decode encrypted messages and analyze data.


Mini Classroom Poster Reveal the qualities needed for success in STEM careers.


Remote Learning

Explore a variety of ELA, science, and math activities for elementary and middle school students. Start by reviewing the Remote Instruction Guide, then browse the library of student activities for your grade.

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Students Grades 3–5


Students Grades 6–7

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Tech4Innovation Contest Winners

We asked students to write and illustrate a tech innovation that solves a problem in their community. We were so inspired by all the amazing entries we received. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Grades 3–5 Winner

Bethany D., Wilson, NC, Grade 5

Noticing that her sunscreen wiped off at the beach but her temporary tattoo did not, Bethany’s innovation is a temporary tattoo did not, Bethany’s innovation is a temporary tattoo called SPFaces with zinc oxide in the ink to protect skin from sunburn.

Grades 6–7 Winner

Samantha L., Linthicum, MD, Grade 7

Samantha’s innovation is a car steering wheel with a sensor to detect the driver’s heart rate. If an abnormal change is detected (indicating sleep, heart attack, etc.), an alarm will go off. If the driver doesn’t respond, the car will turn on hazard lights, slow itself down, and call emergency services.

Special Girl Innovator Winner

Linda D., Santa Ana, CA, Grade 7

Linda’s innovation is an app that people with visual impairment can use when they encounter an unknown object. Using the phone’s camera, the app will describe the object, read aloud any words on it, and if needed, initiate a video call with a sighted representative who can provide support.