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Top 10 End-of-the-Year Tips

By Allie Magnuson on May 14, 2014
  • Grades: PreK–K

Believe it or not, the end of the school year is here! These tips will help you and your students wind down, organize your classroom, and even get ready for next year.


10. Instead of gearing up to buy new containers for next year's supplies, empty out your old ones. Get rid of unnecessary or outdated files. Throw out broken crayons and dried-up markers. Free up space in your library by donating books to make room for new ones. Buy to replace, not to add.


9. If you're reluctant to donate things because you don't know where they'll end up, why not let your students have them? That way, they will still be used, just not in your classroom. Set them out on a table, plunk down a cash register, and let your students buy them with play money.


8. At this time of year, young students are particularly restless and not so prone to put things away properly. Put away your "good" games for next year and buy some cheap ones at garage sales or discount stores such as Savers for the remainder of this year. These games will still be interesting to students, and will keep you from worrying about broken or lost pieces.


7. If you want to keep some toys out, I recommend big blocks. They're easy to take out and put away, and kids can do almost anything with them.


6. Have your students do "heavy work" (pushing, pulling, or carrying objects) to get rid of their end-of-the-year jitters and help clean the room at the same time.


5. Make a video to show on graduation day called "Kindergarten 2014: Season Finale."


4. Take your class on a "field trip" to visit a first grade classroom.


3. As a parting gift for each child, put together some drawing and writing samples as a record of their growth throughout the year.


2. Instead of buying welcome gifts for next year's students, have this year's students write them letters of welcome.


1. Don't forget specialists and other staff members. Show them they're appreciated by having your class write them thank you letters.

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love your ideas! I make copies of my students group picture and give one to every one cause very few purchase the group pic that the school sells; I also provide them with a list of their classmates names to attach to their group picture; this is all provided in their memory book that they make the last week of school.

Love this idea!

Love this idea!

Love this idea!

Love this idea!

Love this idea!

Love this idea!

Love this idea!

Love this idea!

Love this idea!

Love this idea!

Great ideas for the end of the year..thanks!!

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