Students from grades 9-12 engage in captivating stories with complex characters and strong plots. This list of best-selling books will prompt stimulating discussions. Themes like the refugee crisis and self-identity will teach your student about themselves and the world around them. 

Try Refugee, a novel about the three experiences of characters from different time periods seeking refuge. Alan Gratz takes the reader through the challenging journeys of Josef (a Jewish boy in the 1930s escaping Nazi Germany), Isabel (a Cuban girl in 1994 leaving danger in her country), and Mahmoud (a Syrian boy escaping his war-torn country).

Meanwhile, Restart is about Chase and his journey of finding himself after he has a terrible fall from the roof and loses his memory. This book covers tough topics like bullying and self-image, while remaining light-hearted and entertaining. 

Use these unforgettable stories to guide classroom discussions about truth, history, human nature, and the power of friendship. These novels will help your students appreciate powerful stories with good messages. 

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