Books about difficult periods of history and complex characters are an excellent entry point to a productive class discussion. This list of best-selling books will encourage your students to think more deeply about important topics like friendship, courage, and acceptance. These stories are a fantastic addition to the classroom library and will help your students build important reading skills like reading comprehension. 

For instance, Rules is a heartwarming book about learning how to accept differences and feeling comfortable with not fitting the status quo. Twelve-year-old Catherine’s family life revolves around her brother who has autism and she often feels embarrassed by her brother's behavior. Throughout the story, new experiences and people help Catherine broaden her perspective and lead her to question what normal means.

Meanwhile, Front Desk features a Chinese-American protagonist, Mia, and her experiences growing up with immigrant parents who work at a motel that treats them unfairly. Mia secretly helps her parents with work while attending school — while dealing with bullies and racist remarks. This story has many lessons about resiliency and responsibility

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