While worry and anxiety are natural human emotions, they can be difficult for young students to fully grasp, process, and cope with. The incredible books for kids on this list tenderly examine how young learners can express their worries, ask for support, and face new challenges — even when they don’t feel so bold.

Students might feel separation anxiety when they leave their loved ones to attend school, daycare, or camp. The Kissing Hand is a heartwarming picture book about acknowledging Chester’s fears of leaving his family and coming up with strategies to cope with those emotions. The uplifting message and endearing illustrations will ease your students' nerves.

There are also times when students worry they'll be judged for their likes and dislikes. In A Bad Case of Stripes, Camilla Cream feels embarrassed for liking lima beans and is worried about what her peers think of her. This empowering story, with social-emotional themes, will teach your students to embrace their differences and feel confident about their unique traits.

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