Fifth grade is a critical point in a student's academic career, as they read more complex texts and dive into advanced topics. A robust classroom library with a variety of books — from classic fiction reads to comical graphic novels — will provide students with the necessary support for reading success. Get started by refreshing your shelves with the must-have books in the list below!

For instance, historical fiction books are a great way to dive into a time period and learn social-emotional lessons from the characters’ journey.

Based on a true story, Riding Freedom is about Charlotte Parkhurst breaking societal norms in the mid-1800s by pursuing a career in horse riding. What’s more, she was the first woman to vote in the state of California! Young readers will expand upon their reading comprehension skills and feel inspired after reading this novel. 

For students who enjoy vivid imagery and humorous books, Smile is a hilarious and relatable story about Raina and her mishaps during middle school. From friend trouble to getting braces, Raina is overwhelmed with what life has thrown at her. Students will be eager to find out how she overcomes these relatable challenges!

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