A total solar eclipse will take place on April 8th this year! To gear up for this exciting event, take your students on a trip to space and explore planets, the solar system, galaxies, and more with amazing books about space. 

For example, Eclipse is the perfect title to begin as you prepare to witness one in real life! Told from the perspective of a dad who had fun watching an eclipse with his son, this book will get your students excited to experience it for themselves. 

For students who love nonfiction, books about stars like A True Book Space: Exploring Our Sun and A True Book Space: Discovering New Planets will engage their imaginations as they delve into what makes our universe tick and how everything works. 

Meanwhile, realistic fiction like The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal combines humor with fun facts about our sun and how it affects our entire solar system.

These books will inspire space-curious readers to learn more about our solar system, as well the heroic lives of some of America's greatest astronauts. These books are perfect to include as part of your STEM curriculum.

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