If you're ready to grow your teaching career, add these professional development books to your reading list. These powerful reads will help you determine growth goals and develop teaching techniques while covering important topics teachers today need to be well-versed in. 

Start with 7 Mighty Movesa comprehensive, resource-rich guide to innovative teaching techniques, regardless of your experience level. Covering topics like phonemic awareness and reading comprehension, Lindsay Kemeny's insights will help you unlock your students' potential and create a dynamic learning environment.

The MindUP Curriculum: Grades PreK-2 is a great way to understand the latest information related to brain development and social-emotional development. This book will help you teach your students savvy tips and tricks to regulate emotions and improve their attention span. 

Meanwhile, in Everyone Wins!, you'll find compelling evidence supporting family-school partnerships. Discover actionable insights that will help you create a collaborative school environment where both families and educators become catalysts for student success.

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