Sayantani’s presentations are all adaptable for various group ages and sizes. All presentations last 45-60 minutes. They are student-focused, entertaining, and reinforce issues of diversity and justice even as they make central creativity and academic success.

Besides being a middle grade author, Sayantani is an educator, pediatrician and nationally recognized speaker on issues of listening, narrative, health and social justice. She lives in the NY city/northern NJ area. For more information, visit

All presentations are adaptable for various groups and sizes, and can be 30-60 minutes.

Who Gets to Be a Hero?

Name some superheroes. What do they look like? Can everyone be a hero? Why or why not? An interactive presentation will draw from Sayantani’s own motivations for writing the Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond series, and encourage students to think critically about diversity and heroism.

The Story of My Name

Where does your name come from? What history does it hold? What secrets? An interactive presentation drawing from Sayantani’s Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond series will encourage students to think about their own family histories, origins, and traditions through the lens of their name.

Demons, Ghosts, and Stories—Oh, My!

The folktales of Bengal are the source of inspiration for the Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond series. This is a presentation on some of these folk stories and their kooky, creepy and funny characters — from bloodthirsty rakkhosh to ghosts with backward-facing feet. How are global folk stories the same and different?

Conference and Festival Appearances

Diverse Fantasy and Radical Joy

Who is allowed to be joyous in children’s literature and who must only be a problem? Sayantani will address the issue of diversity in fantasy, suggesting we go beyond the singular story of suffering, and suggest that joy can be a radical act of resistance.

Stories From the Borderlands

How do immigration, multiculturalism, and identities at the borderlands influence children’s fiction? How do we write, edit and represent complex multicultural lives in ways that are just?

Stories are Good Medicine

This presentation draws from Sayantani’s other professional life in narrative medicine, making connections between children’s fiction and narrative medicine’s focus on intersubjective healing, listening, witnessing, and justice. 

Virtual Visits

Sayantani is happy to drop in for 20-30 minute virtual visits and Q&A with book groups, library groups, and classrooms that have read her books.

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

She will bring her Mac computer and adapter, and a jumpdrive with her presentation. She will require a means by which to project her presentation, and a microphone for large groups.


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