Sarah Aronson has always believed in magic—the magic of reading and writing. In her visits, she will share her writing secrets, her favorite ways to find ideas, and what it means to grant a wish. We can all be fairy godmothers and godfathers! Together we will wave our wands!

Description of Sarah’s Presentation

Characters Matter

Grades 3-6
45-60 minutes

With the help of one embarrassing true story and some really bad drawings, Sarah will show your students the foundations of story. Optional writing exercises follow.

Be a Fairy Godmother

Grades 2-5
60 minutes

Sarah will lead a workshop about the power of wishes and all the different ways that we can make others happily ever after. The session includes writing and action to help each other make a stronger world.

So You Want to Be a Writer

All grades
60 minutes

In this class or multi-class presentation, Sarah will talk about her life as a writer and give a candid look inside the creative process from inspiration to draft, to revisions, rejections, and finally publication. She includes quotes by our nation’s presidents.  

Story Soup

All grades
30 minutes

In this hands-on workshop, students will create their own stories based on prompts and ideas we come up with together!

Conference and Festival Appearances

The Power of Play Lecture

45-60 minutes

Why do so many writers say sorry? Why are we embarrassed by trying something we’re not good at? In this lecture, Sarah Aronson will offer tips on how to think less and smile more. She will talk about her own journey toward play and how writers can begin to create new and exciting work if they simply let go of expectations. Optional exercises follow.

Characters Matter

45-60 minutes

Characters are the heart of every story. Sarah will share one embarrassing story to show the ways characters impose on the story. Optional exercises follow.

What I Learned About Writing While Watching My Cousin Win The Voice

45 minutes

When her cousin Alisan Porter won the tenth season of The Voice, Sarah Aronson realized a lot of important things about finding a writing voice. Prepare to sing!

What's Your Story?

45 minutes

Why do we write? Why do stories matter? Sarah will talk about the importance of a strong emotional theme and how theme can facilitate the revision process.

Virtual Visits

Sarah is delighted to visit with library groups and classrooms to answer all your questions about writing, reading, and, of course, being a fairy godmother.

Ask why those girlgoyles never say anything. Maybe she’ll tell you!

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

Slide projector required.


Sarah’s rates are negotiable based on travel requirements and need.

Please contact her directly at

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