Marsha Skrypuch is the author of Making Bombs for Hitler and 20 other fiction and nonfiction books. She has received dozens of awards and nominations. Marsha didn’t learn to read until she was nine. She loves sharing with students how a kid who hated reading became an author. She talks about how her early failures helped her to her succeed. Marsha lives in Brantford, Ontario, in Canada. Visit her website at

Making Bombs for Hitler

Grades 4-8
45-60 minutes

In this presentation, Marsha talks about

  • Her research process
  • Interviews of the real people who were her inspiration, including Anelia, a child slave for the Nazis for three years 
  • The writing process, from first idea to a book on the shelf

The presentation is followed by a Q&A session.

Conference and Festival Appearances

Writing the Stories That Haven't Been Told

45-75 minutes

Marsha’s difficult childhood gave her empathy for others whose stories haven’t been told. She developed a passion for digging below the surface, researching the kind of history that others had left buried. She discusses why it’s so important to reveal these untold perspectives and why she’s chosen to do it in children’s literature.

Virtual Visits

Marsha describes the inspiration for Making Bombs for Hitler and the real people behind the characters. She shares her writing routine and talks about how she does research and how long editing really takes.

Half of the Skype session is left open to answer individual student questions.

A 30-45 minute Skype visit is $150.


$1,000 plus travel/accommodation for a full day (four 45-60 minute sessions).

The fee can be split between two neighboring schools.

Request a visit. 

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