Luke Flowers has illustrated more than 25 books, and he is the author/illustrator of the ninjarific Moby Shinobi series. Luke spends his days (and nights) illustrating and writing in his creative cave, though he cherishes a chance to get out and connect with fellow creatives and dreamers to celebrate a passion for art and books.

He lives in Colorado Springs, CO, with his family and a growing collection of puppet pals inspired by his books. His puppets join him for school visits and book events.

Description of Luke’s Presentation

Grades K-4
Luke’s presentations focus on art activities, book readings, and a short Q&A session. Luke loves sharing his story of dreaming of being an artist in elementary school and following that dream reality. A puppet pal usually joins him for his visits.

Grades 5-6
Luke's presentations focus on the process of creating a book from concept to completion, and he shares his story of dreaming of being an artist to making it a reality. There is also interactive art game or activity, plus Q&A time.

Presentations run from 30-45 minutes. Luke can also make class visits or a presentations for each grade throughout the day.

Conference and Festival Appearances

Luke cherishes the opportunity to share his childhood story of dreaming of being an artist and following that dream to reality. He was inspired by books he read and artists he admired.

Luke shares his process of creativity through art activities and games. He also uses puppetry to bring his books to life. Luke’s presentations are engaging for children of all ages, and any book lover, creative, or fellow dreamer.

Luke’s presentations run from 30-45 minutes, but speaking at conferences or festivals can be extended to an hour or more.

Virtual Visits

Luke’s virtual visits bring you into the world of his creative cave. Here he shares his creative journey story from childhood dreaming to book-making reality. He will also share book readings, and some of his favorite books from his expansive creative cave library.

Luke can present art activities to open up the creative process and illuminate the imagination. He also has several puppet friends that join in the fun. Luke ends each session with Q&A time. 

Presentation times range from 45 minutes to an 1.5 hours.

Cost of virtual visit ranges from $175 to $325 depending on time and additional art activities.

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

  • Easel w/ large drawing pad and markers
  • Computer w/ projector
  • Microphone for larger spaces like an auditorium or gymnasium
  • Paper/drawing utensils for students/children
  • Kids ready to illuminate their imagination!


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Ordering Books

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