New York Times bestselling author Daniel José Older loves talking about history, monsters, and the creative process.

An International Latino Book award winner and nominee for multiple fantasy and children’s literature awards, he has more than two decades of experience working with young people, and has taught everywhere from ivy league universities to graduate programs to Rikers Island.

Daniel brings history to life with the story of Dactyl Hill Squad and the amazing events surrounding the American Civil War. He lives in New Orleans and can be found online at

History Comes Alive: RAWWRRRRR!!!

Grades 3-9
45 minutes

In this presentation, Daniel José Older gives kids an inside look at the gigantic historical events and fantastical characters and dinosaurs that make up the world of Dactyl Hill Squad. He covers topics related to the Civil War and explains his own writing process.

Conference and Festival Appearances

History Walks With Us: On Myth, Memory, and History

1 hour

In this detailed look at the process behind writing Dactyl Hill Squad, a historical fantasy that blends the Civil War era with dinosaurs, Daniel José Older explores the political and social functions of storytelling and how they relate to fantasy literature and his own writing journey. Blending current events, mythological studies, and personal narrative, this presentation is moving, passionate, and inspiring.

Virtual Visits

Dactyl Hill Squad: Unleash Your ROAR!

20 minutes

In this Skype presentation about the real historical events and fantastical elements of Dactyl Hill Squad, Daniel José Older brings history to life and explains some inside information about the process of writing the hit series. Price: $50.

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

Will need a projector, microphone, and podium. Daniel will bring a jumpdrive, so he will also need compatible computer system with for that.


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