Amariah Rauscher is the illustrator of the Princess Truly book series. She believes that there is an illustrator inside of each and every person. A mother of two girls, Amariah understands how amazing it is when young readers are excited about picture books. Amariah is passionate about sharing the illustration process in a fun and interactive way.

In her presentation, she reads her most recent book to students. Younger children will learn about how the pictures help tell the story, and older children will get a more in-depth discussion about how pictures and text work together. She shows children how she draws Princess Truly and her animal friends. Older children will learn about the book creation process beginning with thumbnails and character design, and ending with final illustrations.

Amariah has a Masters in Communication and lives with her family in Chatham, Illinois. Find out more at

Grades PreK-5
30-45 minutes

Amariah will tailor her presentation to the age group. She begins her presentation with an interactive discussion with the children about what it means to be an illustrator. She will then read the book aloud with a focus on the illustrations. As she takes the students through the book, she discusses the illustrations and talks about how the pictures help tell the story. Amariah then demonstrates how to draw Princess Truly and her animal friends. A favorite part of the presentation for younger children is when Amariah draws students in the audience. Older students will learn about the book creation process beginning with character sketches and thumbnails and ending with the final illustrations. If time allows, Amariah ends the presentation with a Q&A for grades 2-5.

Conference and Festival Appearances

Amariah will discuss her journey from psychology major to becoming an illustrator. She will talk about how she met the author of the Princess Truly series and the many ups and downs of self-publishing the series that was ultimately picked up by Scholastic. Amariah will discuss her creative process and tell the story of how she developed everyone's favorite princess. If appropriate to the venue, Amariah will end the presentation with a Q&A.

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

Amariah will need a large pad of plain paper and an easel to do illustration demonstrations. She will also need a projector or smartboard that can display a PowerPoint presentation. For groups larger than 150 people, she may need a mic.


Amariah does not charge an honorarium to schools located in the Illinois Ball-Chatham school district.

Amariah requests $500 plus travel expenses for visits to Illinois schools outside of the Ball-Chatham school district. Half-days only for schools located in Springfield, IL. 

She requests $1,500 per day plus travel expenses to schools and libraries located outside of Illinois.

Request a visit. 

Ordering Books

Schools and libraries may order books at a discounted rate by visiting The Scholastic Teacher Store or by calling 1-800-SCHOLASTIC.