When the school year starts to wind down, we know your schedule is filled with grading, graduation celebrations, and packing up your classroom. It can be hard to make sure your students continue learning up to the last minute! That’s why we’ve gathered our top mini-books, teaching ideas, activities, and skill-building worksheets into grade-appropriate, ready-to-go packs to save you time as you end the year and transition to summer.

Grades PreK–K

Help young students reflect on a year full of academic growth with a printable memory book for them to personalize! This early-learning packet also contains songs to celebrate Father’s Day and Flag Day, riddle poems, worksheets, and take-home activity pages to keep kids engaged in learning. Get started here with the June PreK–K Printable Packet for your classroom!

Grades 1–2

The grades 1–2 pack features poems to teach students about Flag Day, activities to help them learn more about the summer solstice, and a special glyph project to celebrate graduation. You’ll also find a mini-play, summer safety tips, math activity pages, and more to supplement your lessons for the end of the year. Download the June Grades 1–2 Printable Packet to begin.

Grades 3–4

She (and he!) can study seashells by the seashore with a summery, ready-to-go science unit to teach third and fourth graders about erosion, buoyancy, and waves. You can also engage students with fun facts about animal dads and graduation activities that help them reflect on their achievements during the year. With the writing prompts, math story problems, activities, and projects in this June-themed packet, it’s never been easier to end the year (and transition to summer) in style. Check out the June Grades 3–4 Printable Packet here.

Each of these ready-to-go resources—featuring more than 30 pages of curated activities for thematic teaching—is an effective and time-saving way to supplement whole-class lessons, small-group teaching, independent work, and family engagement as you wrap up the school year.

Scholastic Teachables makes it easier for you to engage students with fun and enriching activities. These packets are available for individual purchase through the links above, or are free to subscribers of Scholastic Teachables. Log in or subscribe today to have the teaching tools you need to keep your students engaged in learning all year long.