Key Takeaways:

The Watch & Learn Library is an essential classroom tool because it:

·      Builds knowledge on all curriculum topics

·      Expands vocabulary across the content areas

·      Inspires children with real-world footage

·      Presents developmentally appropriate concepts

·      Supports ELL, Spanish-speaking students, and beginning readers

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Is there a better way to stoke excitement around a topic than by watching a video about it? We don’t think so! Created by the editors of Scholastic News for grades PreK–3, the Watch and Learn Library gives you instant access to video content on engaging science, social studies, SEL, and ELA subjects that you can use to launch new lessons or meaningful discussions.

“The graphics and UI are perfect for this age range. The big icons, bright colors, and lots of visuals are perfect for your emerging readers or ELL population. The videos are very inclusive, modern, and relevant to the age range Watch and Learn is targeting.” – Morgan, PreK teacher

Not only do the videos expose children to fascinating nonfiction topics, they also develop students’ vocabulary by introducing new concepts and words. Every video concludes with a short, fun quiz (that your students will love!) to gauge comprehension.

Check out the list complete list of videos here.

“Overall I was very impressed by the Watch and Learn library. I think it will be a great tool for kids to use as an introduction to a subject or as a way to connect what they've learned to the real world.” – Jennifer, second grade teacher

There are many aspects to consider when choosing videos to show your students—such as language level, age level, and the interests of your students—which can make the whole process of finding the right video extremely time-consuming. But with the Watch and Learn Library, you’ll have an extensive catalog of developmentally appropriate video content at your fingertips, meaning you’ll get back all the hours you would’ve spent searching for the right video. 

You can let your principal know that you’d like to have a school-wide free trial here.   

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