Key Takeaways

  • Your classroom library is an effective tool to build excitement around reading and instill the joy of reading among your students.
  • Keeping your classroom library organized is key to making your library work for you and your students, ensuring reading success.
  • Scholastic Book Clubs provides a number of tools and resources teachers can use to keep their libraries organized and easy to use.
  • Are you a teacher in the process of building your first classroom library? Or a teacher looking to improve an existing classroom library? If you are, you know just how important it is to create a classroom library that’s vibrant and colorful, and stocked with high-interest books that appeal to every reader.

    While you’re choosing the books that will actually line your shelves, it’s just as important to spend time mapping out exactly how your library will be organized. You’ll want to make sure your library works for both you and your students, organizing it in a way that’s both easy to use and manageable, which will help build excitement around reading and create an engaged community of readers.

    Building or reorganizing a classroom library may seem daunting, but you can do it—and we can help! Whether you’re starting from scratch or taking a new approach to how your current classroom library is organized, you’ll want to take advantage of the Teacher Library Starter Kit from Scholastic Book Clubs. It’s stocked with efficient and time-saving tools that make classroom libraries manageable and uncomplicated.

    The Teacher Library Starter Kit is a free, downloadable kit that helps teachers organize a kid-friendly, welcoming, and functional classroom library. It includes amazing resources, such as:

  • Reading and thinking questions for reading comprehension
  • A reading level conversion chart
  • Library bin labels
  • And a “Welcome to Our Library” poster
  • As you continue to set up and organize your library, Scholastic Book Clubs is also a great resource to use to line your shelves with grade-appropriate and high-interest books. If you’re already using Scholastic Book Clubs, you already know that Clubs features teacher favorites by gradecurated flyers, and teacher exclusive value packs. And in addition to building your classroom library, Scholastic Book Clubs serves as a great resource for families to build their home libraries.

    It’s a wonderful feeling to see your students excited about their classroom library. Log in or download the Teacher Library Starter Kit today to help instill a joy of reading among your students and ensure their reading success.