Key Takeaways:

  • Students should spend 30 minutes a day during the summer reviewing grade-level reading and math skills to retain what they’ve learned during the school year.    
  • A daily routine during the summer helps students strengthen their academic skills.
  • Scholastic’s Weekly Reader: Summer Express is the perfect tool to help students close learning gaps and prepare for the upcoming school year.

Looking for a way to curb summer slide and help your students close learning gaps to prepare them for the next school year? Scholastic’s Weekly Reader: Summer Express is the perfect tool to ensure your students keep learning all summer long while having fun!

Specially priced for your entire class: Purchase 10 or more copies and each book is only $5.50.

Designed as a 10-week program, this fun workbook will reinforce your students’ academic skills and knowledge through engaging activities and daily practice of grade-level reading and math skills. Inside each workbook, you’ll find:

100 activity pages arranged in a progressive format that will help students review and learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, sorting, letters, sounds, and more depending on grade level.

  • A weekly incentive chart and certificate.
  • Colorful sticker rewards for completing each activity.
  • A parent guide with creative learning activities, a skills alignment chart, and an answer key.

For students between grades PreK and K, Summer Express targets essential skills related to the alphabet, phonics, numbers, counting, and handwriting.

Students between grades K and 1 will review important math, reading, and writing skills, along with phonics and vocabulary.

And for students between grades 1 and 2, grades 2 and 3, grades 3 and 4, and grades 4 and 5, Summer Express has everything they need to make learning gains in math, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar.

By devoting a half hour each day this summer to reviewing grade-level reading and math skills, students will remain engaged in their learning and will perform at higher levels during the next school year and beyond. From the trusted editors of Weekly Reader; Summer Express is the perfect end-of-year gift to inspire students to establish a daily routine devoted to learning that will result in summer learning gains. Next year’s teacher (and your students) will definitely thank you!

If you're looking for an effective way to give students a head start, these coloful, fun-filled workbooks are the perfect place to start! For more learning tools to help transfrom summer learning loss into summer learning gains, check out these other essential learning resources.