Whether you’re an educator teaching remotely or a parent homeschooling for the first time, having easy-to-use materials you can trust is important. With Scholastic Teachables, we provide you the curriculum support you need to meet the needs of your learners in grades PreK–6—no matter the circumstances or the subject. Developed and designed by educational experts and teachers, these resources help you plan fun and engaging lessons across content areas and grades, while saving you time when you need it most.

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Check out these 3 resources that are great for remote learning. They’ll help you connect with and inspire your students, and they’re only a click away!

Read, Read, Read a Book: Mini-Book
For students in grades PreK–K, this adorable sing-along mini-book is the perfect way to inspire a love of reading while helping develop early reading skills. Not only will your kiddos love making their own book that highlights all the joys of reading, they’ll have fun singing about it, too!

Time to Read! All About Me Glyph Activity
Young learners in grades 1–2 will love creating their own glyph project as they build math skills and share facts about their favorite books and reading habits. Complete with step-by-step instructions and teaching tips, this resource will help your students learn about geometry, shapes, time, patterns, and more, while thinking critically across subjects from math to language arts. 

The Case of the Melted Chocolate: SuperScience Mystery
If your students love hands-on science—and sweet treats—they’ll love solving this engaging, real-world science mystery. Designed for students in grades 3–6, The Case of the Melted Chocolate guides students as they use simple materials to conduct their own science investigation to learn about the greenhouse effect. This lesson not only inspires students to learn about environmental conservation and preservation, it helps them build science vocabulary and develop important observational skills they’ll use in future STEM learning.

Easy-to-use resources like these and thousands of others from Scholastic Teachables keep your students learning outside of the classroom and save you (and your students’ families) time and stress. Resources in the article are free to Scholastic Teachables subscribers. Not a subscriber? Sign up now and get a 30-day trial.

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