For students to become both confident and comfortable writing, they need to practice the habit daily. Devoting as little as 15 minutes of each day to writing can make a big difference. 

"That’s where writing prompts are valuable," says Genia Connell, a third-grade teacher in Troy, Michigan. 

“I rely on writing prompts for my students to get their daily dose of writing,” Connell says. 

Having them on hand is particularly helpful on whirlwind days, as well as when you have a guest teacher or an unexpected substitute filling in, she says. Read on to discover the writing prompts Connell uses in her classroom each spring. 

Spring-Themed Writing Prompts 

These handy writing prompts stand alone, Connell notes. “They don't need an accompanying mini-lesson,” she says. 

Plus, students can complete them independently — no need to pair students up in groups, or stand over them to offer help. 

These springtime-themed writing prompts from Connell take advantage of the season, from marking big holidays and events (think Earth Day) to acknowledging spring’s occasionally stormy weather.  

It’s Raining Cats & Dogs 

Springtime brings wet weather that’s evocatively described as “raining cats and dogs.” In this writing prompt, students will write a story about what it would be like if it actually rained cats and dogs. 

Download a printable that includes the prompt, plus writing space for students to use.  

Brainstorming Solutions on Earth Day 

On Earth Day—or anytime of year—use this writing prompt to encourage students to think creatively about ways to preserve the planet and introduce key STEM concepts. 

Download the Earth Day printable.

Reimagining Paul Revere’s Ride 

Patriots’ Day commemorates Paul Revere’s midnight ride. For this writing prompt, students will rewrite the events of that historic evening as if they were occurring today. 

Download a printable with this prompt along with writing paper. 

An Interview With Mother Nature

Help get kids thinking about nature! For this writing printable, students will brainstorm interview questions for Mother Nature. Next, they can pick one and write out a potential response. 

Download the Interview With Mother Nature printable. 

Get More Instant Spring Writing Prompts! 

This printable includes the writing prompts mentioned above, along with seven additional ideas to get students writing. 

Download the printable of 11 springtime writing prompts!

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