Key Takeaways:

·       With fall comes change—that’s why now is the perfect time to find new ways to teach classic fall topics like apples and leaves.

·       Scholastic Classroom Magazines can help you put a new spin on these topics, and even explore new content areas like pumpkin decomposition, leaf peeping and extreme Halloween candy.

·       Transform your teaching this fall with four free articles and unique lessons from Scholastic Classroom Magazines.

Fall is our favorite time of the year. We love watching the leaves change and reading great stories. We also love finding new ways to teach seasonal autumn topics like pumpkins, apples and Halloween. This year, we took a new approach and created four unique lessons to complement timely articles from Scholastic Classroom Magazines that we know you and your students will love.

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Investigate Apples + Dance Break Video! (PreK-K)
If you’re an early educator, you’ll definitely want to check out these fresh apple activities from our pre- magazine, My Big World. You can even share this free online version of our apple issue! It’s all about our favorite fall fruit, apples! Inside this issue, your students will learn how to use their senses to explore and investigate this fascinating food. The digital issue even comes with a fun Dance Break Video, where your students will have so much fun acting out making an apple pie!

Is This a Magic Pumpkin? (Grade 1)
Your students are going to love learning the science of what happens to jack-o’-lanterns after Halloween. In this story from Scholastic News, students will read the stages of pumpkin decomposition. It may not be magic, but it’s still amazing! The story also comes with a chart activity about the many different kinds of pumpkins. Your students will love learning about blue pumpkins, and there are sure to be a few varieties that will surprise you, too!

I Am a Leaf Peeper (Grade 2)
If your students love seeing the leaves change as much as we do, this story from Scholastic News will be right up their alley. In it, they’ll meet a little girl from Florida who has a dream—to see the leaves change in autumn. Your students will follow her on her journey north to find the red sugar maple leaf, and on the way, they’ll learn what it means to be leaf peeper and the science behind leaves changing.

Extreme Candy (Grades 3–6)
What student doesn’t love reading about candy? In this article from SuperScience, your students will learn about the most extreme candies in their Halloween haul. They’ll find out how Warheads get so sour, why Pop Rocks pop and what chemicals make Atomic Fireballs so hot. The story even comes with an easy-to-do experiment to determine the acidity of their favorite candies. It’s an easy and fun way to explore the science behind our favorite sweets.

We hope these unique fall stories help you plan some fresh, fun lessons this season. Don’t forget, Scholastic Classroom Magazines aren’t just for the autumn—they’re an amazing resource all year round. They provide engaging nonfiction stories, videos and digital resources that build core knowledge and fit your curriculum. Sign up here to try any Classroom Magazine FREE for 30 days. Happy fall!


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