During the summer, students often experience a loss in learning and reading ability. Often referred to as the “summer slide,” this potential learning loss is expected to increase since summer break is coming on the heels of the “COVID slide.” These three essential teacher resources and strategies will keep your students connected to learning over the summer and help them maintain—and even sharpen—critical skills before they return to the physical or virtual classroom this fall.

Plus, sharpen your own skills this summer with our top professional development books.

Keep students engaged in reading
When it comes to preventing summer learning loss, reading is one of the most effective strategies. But keeping young readers engaged in reading can be tricky, since there’s so much competing for their attention. With books, live events, and interactive games, free reading programs like the Scholastic Summer Read-a-Palooza are a great way to show your students just how much fun reading can be. As well as discovering a whole new dimension to their favorite series and stories, young readers will be able to track their progress and earn rewards while increasing access to books for others.

For your reluctant readers, making sure they have access to high-interest books over the summer will be incredibly important. These graphic novels and kid-favorites, will capture their attention and ensure even your most reluctant readers experience the joy of summer reading.

Encourage your students to take learning on the go
Whether lounging poolside, hanging out in a living room fort, or squeezed in the back of a car with siblings during a family road trip, your students can sharpen their skills anywhere. For your youngest learners, these early-learning workbooks will help students in grades PreK-K reach important milestones and ensure they’re ready for the next steps in their early learning journey. Students in grades 1-2 will love whipping out these fun and engaging workbooks to sharpen their reading, science, and math skills this summer. And for those older elementary students in grades 3-5, these skill-building workbooks will help them master everything they need to achieve academic success in the fall.

Empower students to learn independently
For many students, summer is all about independence, which makes it the perfect time for them to begin taking ownership of their learning. With Scholastic Teachables, you’ll have no shortage of fun, independent activities to keep your students learning. These ready-to-go activities also make meeting the needs of individual students easier, plus they’re the perfect complement to workbook activities and summer reading.

These are just few strategies to help you stem learning loss this summer. For more tips and tools to help your students sharpen their skills all year long, check out these essential teacher resources from Scholastic.

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