Grab and Go Student Book Packs (available in both English and Spanish!) have been carefully curated by experts to help educators meet the needs of children in today's new world, regardless of their access to technology.

The packs—which contain five favorite books, a reading journal, and a family guide to literacy—are designed to reignite the love of reading in students. With a focus on culturally responsive literacy, the books in these collections were specifically chosen to help students build foundational skills and assist with social-emotional development. 

Grab and Go Pack Theme 1: Favorite Books Grade 3 is a collection of books that will encourage newly independent readers to discover their favorite genre. There are both fiction and nonfiction books to choose from — like the hilarious The Bad Guys book and the educational Who Would Win: Killer Whale vs. Great White Shark book! 

Meanwhile, the books in Grab and Go Pack Theme 2: Social-Emotional Development Grade 5 will help students build confidence and resilience. This pack includes popular middle-grade titles like Guts and Save Me a Seat — both of which cover relatable topics, like shifting dynamics in school and with friends. 

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