Key Takeaways:

  • Help harness spring energy with hands-on science activities that will captivate your students.
  • From windy and rainy weather to plants and animals, Scholastic Teachables has everything you need to teach your students spring science topics in a fun, engaging way.
  • Interactive activities and real-world connections can help grow deeper understanding and increased love of learning.

Harness your students’ spring energy with these fun and interactive Scholastic Teachables spring science units that tie lessons to seasonal-themed topics. Added bonus–these resources make your life easier by saving you planning time!

These grab-and-go spring-themed science units for learners in grades K–3 grow your students’ scientific curiosity while engaging them with content that covers key concepts like windy and rainy weather, what plants need to grow, animal homes, and the power of the sun. Each unit includes more than 25 pages of hands-on activities with step-by-step instructions, content-area vocabulary, reproducibles, extension ideas, and take-home materials to promote learning beyond the classroom.

Help students understand the power of wind—its influence on weather and its importance in flying—with Windy Weather/Flying Things. Students will get wind of concepts like blustery and calm while being blown over by the hands-on activities like building windsocks and charting the daily weather. Students will also compare how natural and human-made objects move through the air in different ways—from dandelion seeds to butterflies to airplanes.

Rain Comes and Goes/Seeds and Soil uses April showers to teach students about rain and the water cycle. Hands-on activities include a demonstration of rain using glass jars, making a rain gauge, and observing puddles as they evaporate. Since April showers will bring May flowers, this is the perfect time for students to discover what plants need to grow by planting seeds and recording observations of their growing plants over time.

Give a shine to your May lessons with Animals at Home/Sun Power. Take advantage of the sunny days by focusing your students’ attention on the sun’s powers, including activities on light, heat, and rainbows. Your class will also spring into research on animals and their habitats, from pets to creatures in the wild. Activities include a hands-on tadpole nursery project as well as field trip and community connection ideas.

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