Your students will love hearing (and seeing and touching and smelling and tasting) about the five senses with this new printable pack from Scholastic Teachables. It’s a great go-to resource to supplement your science, reading, writing, and math lessons.

The Five Senses pack is 50+ pages of lessons, activities, mini-books, learning centers, and more to help kids learn about their senses while also building cross-curricular skills and knowledge. Compiled by education experts, the pack comes with teaching guidance to make setting up a series of lessons quick and effortless.

Kick off the unit with a sing-along song, Use Your Five Senses, and create a running chart to add to throughout the unit. Follow up with vocabulary practice pages and a mini-book (in both Spanish and English) that helps build fluency and knowledge.

Five hands-on science centers, one for each sense, allow students to experience and explore smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound individually. Then use the mini-book I Love Popcorn! to discuss how the senses work together so that we can experience the world around us. Two descriptive writing exercises and a series of craftivities deepen learning and give students the chance to show what they know.

The pack also includes a manipulative mini-book, This is My Home, specifically designed for use with families. Kids will love filling out the mini-book with descriptions of how they use their senses to experience their favorite parts of where they live.

Get the Five Senses printable pack today in the Scholastic Teachables Digital Downloads shop and explore our other skill and thematic packs including Differentiation Packs for reaching all of your learners!

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