Kids love seeing adorable baby animals. Help your young students discover more about them with this grab-and-go printable pack filled with everything you need to teach about baby animals.

Compiled by education experts, the Baby Animals Pack features 60+ pages of lessons, activities, leveled mini-books, songs, craftivities, and more to help kids learn about baby animals through learning experiences in reading, language arts, math, science, and writing. This pack comes with teaching guidance, so setting up a series of lessons is quick and effortless.

Students love learning about baby animals and how they are similar to, and different from, human babies. Content-area vocabulary lessons include unusual names for some baby animals. For instance, did you know that baby dogs, seals, and bats are all called calves?

Leveled mini-books, including a Spanish-language reader, allow groups of readers to focus on lambs, chicks, and tadpoles before coming together to share what they’ve learned.

A hands-on science investigation explores how and why some baby animals look different than their parents, and two leveled games reinforce students’ learning with fun matching and compare-contrast activities. The unit wraps up with two writing activities including a fill-in mini-poster research project.

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