We know you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. But Election 2020 is right around the corner, and it’s never been more important to teach your students the basics of democracy.

To help you out, we’ve created NEW Election 2020 Skills Books that make covering the election easier than ever–whether you’re teaching remote, in-class or a little of both. Inside, you’ll find 4 KEY FEATURES from our grade 4–6 book that are guaranteed to build election knowledge and excitement.

1.     Election Concepts Made Simple

Most adults aren’t even sure how our electoral process works. (Remind us how the Electoral College works again?)

To really help kids understand the basics of democracy, we provide them with explanations of the key electoral concepts—at a level they can comprehend.

For a great example of how we’ve made the election simple and easy to understand, check out this section on the Electoral College.

2.     Bias-Free Profiles of the Candidates

One of the most important reasons to teach the election is to prepare our future voters to think critically when selecting a candidate. That means giving them the facts, so they can make up their own minds.

Our Election Skills Books provide profiles of the candidates that are balanced, fact-based and looks at important issues from all sides.

3.     Formats That Make Civics Exciting (Really)

Civics doesn’t have to be boring! The fun activities, colorful images and engaging texts in our Election Skills Books are sure to deepen your students’ interest in democracy.

For a small sample of our exciting content, check out our “Road to the Whitehouse” visual text below.

4.     Equitable Access for All Students

Online resources are great for bringing election content to some of your remote students. But many families lack a stable internet connection.

Our Election Skills Books are easy to send home and provide families with dozens of texts and activities and add up to hours of learning and engagement.

We hope these FOUR FEATURES make teaching Election 2020 a little easier this school year. And they’re just the beginning of the great content you’ll find in our new Election Skills Books. We cover everything from the jobs of the president, to the history of voting and so much more.  Your students will even get the chance to vote in Scholastic’s student online vote, the largest in the nation!  

Click here to learn more about Election 2020 Skills Books and to place your order.

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